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VIDEO: Daughter Of US President Malia Obama Allegedly Smoking Weed With A Boy

Yesterday, a video of Malia Obama, daughter of the United States President allegedly smoking weed with a boy at the at music festival Lollapalooza emerged.

An eye witness at the festival, Jerrdin Selwyn told that she saw Obama’s first daughter smoking what looked like marijuana during the Bryson Tiller set on July 31.Malia Obama caught smoking at lollapalooza

Below is what Jerrdin Selwyn said …

“I saw some young guy hand her a cigarette; she took at least one hit on it. She had it in her hand for about one minute then gave it back to him. She was literally only a few feet from me. . .and she was the only person who had any form of pipe or cigarette that I could see.”

“All during this time, the Secret Service was in the background, I’m not sure whether or not they saw her take a hit on a joint,” she added.

 “I saw the same guy sitting in a chair with Malia crouched down in front of him near the fencing area,” she revealed. “I walked past them on my way out and I heard Malia ask him, “Do you want to go smoke?’”

“I didn’t hear his response but he got up after a few seconds and they walked off together,” Selwyn said.

“The only thing that bothers me about Malia smoking pot, is there are several colleges kids out there doing the same think Malia is doing but they are either getting ticketed or put in jail,” Selwyn told Radar. “She gets to slide by because she is the President’s daughter.”


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