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Video: America rapper, Soulja Boy is coming to Ghana

American rapper, Soulja Boy has included Ghana in his African Tour this year and is set to headline a major musical concert in Accra.The African Tour which is powered by Swag Family Legacy Entertainment in collaboration with EDGE53, is set to host Soulja Boy in three African countries. The Ghana edition of the tour is set to take place at the Accra International Conference Centre this year.

Soulja Boy will share the stage with some of Africa’s best acts from Nigeria and Ghana.

Already, word about Soulja Boys’ concert in Ghana is making rounds in gossip circles. Rumor has it that Soulja Boy is far advanced with plans of signing a Ghanaian artist to his SODMG record label and that signed artist would be the headliner for the concert. It further went to tell that Soulja Boy would be signing artists from each of the African countries he performed.

Soulja Boy

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