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Vicky saved again as Pheel exits GLO X Factor #gloxfactor

With the X Factor singing competition drawing to an end, the atmosphere at Dream Studio, Ikeja, Lagos, during the penultimate Results show was unusually cautious. Head or tail, it was always going to be a bombshell. It was Pheel, Vicky, DJ Switch, Princess Pat or Eshun to go home! And any of these can also win the star prize.

“It’s always hard seeing acts go home, what’s your frame of mind this evening?” show host Toolz asked Onyeka.

“It’s very sad because the contestants and judges have worked so hard. They are now international. We advise them to be strong”, Onyeka said. MI added, “I agree with Onyeka; these guys have made it this far, out of thousands of talented people. Anytime, anybody leaves, it’s sad”.

“Reggie, you are the only judge who has all his contestants gone and who would be the deciding factor tonight. What would you base your decision on?”, Toolz asked the third judge. “I’ll base my judgments on entertainment, quality and the X Factor. I’m going to be fair because I have the swing vote. I ask for Solomon’s wisdom”, he finished thoughtfully.

Just as the audience was eager to know the bottom two contestants, Toolz announced a surprise performance by Glo ambassador Irene Logan and the Ghanaian entertainer delivered a very powerful performance.

“Pheel”, Toolz announced without further ado, “and Vicky are contestants with the least votes this week”, she finished off as the audience let out a loud gasp.

“Onyeka, are you surprised?” Toolz asked. “Of course I am. But it could have been any of them at this stage. It’s a game, we have to play it!”, Onyeka declared. Toolz then turned to MI. “This is the first time any of your acts is up for eviction, what do you have to say?” “I told them last week that it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Everybody is a winner at this point”, MI responded.

Pheel was the first to sing for survival as the audience cheered him on. “Go Pheel, we love you!” some sections of the crowd chanted. With very energetic hip swings, he delivered a fast-tempo hip hop version of Oliver de Coque’s “Biri ka Mbiri.” Vicky leapt on stage next, packing power behind her vocals. She sang from the bottom of her heart, giving all she had to the song.

“Judges, it’s time to make tough decisions”, the host said to the judges. “I love them both, they have great vocals. Pheel, God will lift you to prosper, just as I pray for Vicky. Having said that, you know I have to save my own. I go with Vicky”, Onyeka said.

According to MI, “Both of them caught my eyes right from the auditions and I could have put money on any of them to make it. Regardless, you guys are winners, but I go with Pheel”, he said emotionally.

“Reggie, I don’t envy you”, Toolz said as everybody waited to see who Reggie would save.

“I feel really important right now”, Reggie smiled as the crowd roared with excitement. “Both of you gave great performances. But I feel that my sister, Vicky, sang harder than Pheel. Saying that doesn’t mean Pheel didn’t sing well. I’m sorry Pheel, but Vicky is my girl!” he pronounced, thus making Pheel the last guy to leave the competition.



Pheel performing at the eviction show

Pheel performing at the eviction show

L-R, Vicky, Toolz, and Pheel at the eviction show

L-R, Vicky, Toolz, and Pheel at the eviction show

Credit: National Mirror

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