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Valentine’s Day celebration ideas for the single

Be My Valentine

Ok, it’s 14th February, and most importantly a Friday. Hmmm… sounds like a perfect time to start a romantic weekend. This means most couples (whether married or in a relationship) will go back to work all smiles on Monday. But there might be no smiles for those of us single, (I can’t believe am actually giggling at the thought).  Well yea, you (if you are single) and I can afford to giggle and even laugh because the truth is Val’s day is for the single too.


There is only one reason actually. Now the story of Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine has uncountable versions depending on what you read or hear. But whatever the version of story you read, it was about a single man, a single woman, a single prison, a single letter, and a single sentence (or a phrase).

Most importantly, it was about a single affection. I think we have enough of the word “single” in the last sentence to make Val’s day a celebration for singles. Besides falling in love with you (yes yourself) is the best thing that could ever happen to anybody. So instead of pouting about what you might not be getting on Val’s day because you are single, try these instead…


One of the truths about life is this …you are responsible for your own happiness. Therefore, you don’t need anybody to make you happy on any day (whether it’s an occasion or not) but yourself.

So ask yourself the question above. This actually goes for couples too. Having a great Valentine’s Day (or merely a great day) may mean doing a particular thing. Getting the attention, going shopping, watching a movie, or going on a date?

Whatever your preference, choose the one that’s most suitable. Choose the activity that will allow you to have some “me” times all by, to and for yourself, and make it as special as you might have expected from a partner.

Truly being able to spend quality time together with you will leave you feeling relaxed, discovering, and falling in love with yourself all over again. It could also be a time for acknowledging just how fortunate you are to be single.


Doing what makes you happy on Val’s day is personal enough, but how about giving yourself a customized item. We all are unique in our own way, and getting compliment with your name specifically mentioned leaves most people feeling more excited than when they are referred to as part of a group.

So, how about a truly personal and unique gift for you? You know that ring you’ve being admiring all this while, those pair of shoes, or that cake with the initials of your name on it. Pamper yourself with a unique gift that you know people will ask you about. When they do: hold your chin up and say proudly “I bought it for me.”


Every day is a special day and every day is any day: all depends on how you make the day.  There’s therefore no reason for you to get all frustrated about Val’s day night because it’s just another night. “You have to buy into all the hype and the love-fest.”

Stay in that night, avoid all the commotion outside and use the evening to be productive, by trying something you’ve never really made time for: read that book you’ve wanted to, clean the spare room at home you’ve been putting off, and make time for your grannies they sure would love to see you). Simply make the night productive enough to not have time for all the red stuff going on around you. Be in your own world.


When was the last time you gave a piece of candy to a little kid? It’s a season of love and instead of expecting some, why don’t you give some. It could bring you a partner next year (If you want). Plus most Churches and humanitarian organizations usually have series of programmes lined up during this season and would certainly welcome you. Be a volunteer and serve a good course. This will not only make you feel good, but also take your mind off your otherwise “solo” life.

Visit any place or persons in your area and give your love to those who need it that night. There are opportunities to make a difference in your community! Look for one and join in.


Take yourself out and enjoy yourself! Buy yourself some flowers, get dressed up, and have a tasty dinner. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself and giving yourself some much-deserved love and attention. According to, there are many benefits to some alone time! Among them: you’re more likely to be creative and it forces you to listen to your body!


It’s easier said than done, and sometimes your frustrations might not let you the slightest breathing space. In such moments you can settle for some less romantic options like going to the gym, go jogging or do any activity that will involve much of your energy. You will certainly be too tired in about an hour’s time to think of your loneliness. Take a warm shower and go to bed.


Either indoors or outside, having a date with your other single girlfriends or boyfriends can lighten up your mood. After all it’s a date with your loved ones. Make it special with your own home cooked meals, drinks and a collection of your favorite movies (comedies would be   best on such nights).

If you can’t hold such a party in your house, ask a friend. Better still hold it in a special lounge at the restaurant. With this treat, you will never end up sad or disappointed on Val’s Day.

By Martha Teiko Daitey

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