#UnitedAgstEbola Campaign to raise £10million launched

Health Africa International (HAI) has launched #UnitedAgstEbola campaign at the State Rooms of the House of Commons.  Generously hosted by Mr Speaker, The Rt Hon. John Bercow MP.  He paved the way for an incredible opportunity to raise the profile of this project to the national and international media.

A Key note speech was delivered by Mrs Akosua Essien. There other speeches by Lord Paul Boateng and Rt Hon Keith VAZ  in support of this compelling emergency campaign to save lives in the wake of the Ebola crisis in Western Africa. The night was well attended by dignitaries, members of the House of Commons and the Cabinet such as Secretary for State for International Development, The Rt Hon. Justine Greening MP. All demonstrated a united commitment to this campaign and the vision to carry it forward.

Emelil Sande produced an award winning performance on the night with another act from the soulful ShezAr.

The project, supported by some West African football players and friends from the rest of the world, aims to provide a long term solution to the prevention against the ebola virus.

Despite optimistic figures announced by the World Health Organisation this week that new cases of Ebola were decreasing, there is the ever present threat the virus could and will erupt at any time.   The threat is far from over.

#UnitedAgstEbola seeks to fund over 14 NGO organisations on the ground across Western Africa to provide an intense education program to combat the beliefs and cultural practices which increase the chances of contracting Ebola. Communication programmes in remote villages are vital to the success of this programme with emphasis on social mobilisation.

The campaign aims to raise £10 million. UnitedAgstEbola Campaign Launch_opt (1)

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