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Two Ghanaian musicians clash over GH¢800.00

Hiplife artiste Nhyiraba Kojo is demanding a refund of Gh ¢ 800.00 from hiplife duo Ruff n Smooth for refusing to perform at a Republic Day  concert at Obuasi last month.

Nhyiraba Kojo told Showbiz that he gave Gh¢800.00 as part payment to Ruff n Smooth and his management three days to the event but they failed to honour the engagement.

He said that he had arranged for a bus to convey Ruff n Smooth to Obuasi for the show but little did he know that they also had another concert on the same day.

Nhyiraba Kojo who was peeved about the issue because he had hyped the show with Ruff n Smooth’s name approached them for a refund of his money but  their management denied any knowledge of the said engagement.

A telephone text message from Ruff n Smooth  to Nhyira Kojo read “It has come to management notice that some promoters are using our brand name to sell their show in Obuasi in Ashanti region. We want to tell our loyal fans in Obuasi that Ruff and Smooth is not aware of any such engagement. Our lawyers will take legal action on this. Thx we here by invite our fans in Accra to come join us celebrate Naija Week@Vienna City”

After he cancelled the Obuasi show, Nhyiraba Kojo, himself an artiste known for songs Turn Around and Alqaeda, said he sent  messages to Ruff n Smooth to tell them that that he would use them for sacrifice if he did not get his money back.

After this, Nhyiraba said,  he heard from friends that he was being sought by the  Accra Central Police for threatening to use Ruff n Smooth for sacrifice so he reported himself to the Police to tell his side of the story.

On the part of Ruff n Smooth, Godwin Dogbey one of the managers of Ruff n Smooth told Showbiz  the deal between them and Nyiraba was not conclusive so there was no way they were going to perform despite receiving Gh ¢ 800.00.

“We received Gh ¢ 800.00 three days to the event but we were promised full payment before performing and because we didn’t get the full payment, we told our fans we are not aware of such a show. Nhyiriba is an artiste so he should know better that you can’t promise your  fellow artiste you are making  full payment only to receive part of it” Godwin Dogbey said.

At the Accra Central Police Station last Monday, Showbiz  was told that both parties had written their statements and investigations were continuing.

Nhyiraba Kojo

Nhyiraba Kojo

Source: Daily Graphic

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