TV personality, Toolz shares her failed relationship experience



Voluptuous on-air-personality, Tolu Oniru, who has nicknamed herself ‘Africa’s media Mogulette’, has a drove of admirers that cut across every class of the society. If her faultless eloquence doesn’t get to you, then her provocative curves are sure to nail you.

Toolz isn’t exactly what you would call a greenhorn in matters  of the heart, she has her own experience and, like most of us, it isn’t always ‘sunshine after the rain’.

The OAP shared one of her experiences on her website last week and it sounds like a good tip as any on relationships. In the article titled:’Thou shall not lie to yourself’, she shares the tale of how she was in love with     a guy   that wasn’t in love with her , but liked her enough to keep her as a friend.

Her words:” We met during my final year of university; he had just moved from Houston and didn’t know a lot of people in London, and after a few random conversations about course work, he asked me out. Our first date was amazing, and after about a month of seeing each other a few times a week, I was almost certain he was ‘the one’.

“After dancing around the issue for a week or two, I was finally brave enough to bring up the ‘where are we’ issue. His exact words were ‘I really like you Tolu, but I’m not looking for a relationship right now’. I had to take a moment to mentally pick up the fragments of my broken heart, then I smiled at him and said ‘No worries, it’s okay’

“I did, however, learn a valuable lesson from this – one of the worst things you can do in life is lie to yourself, and potentially rob yourself of what you truly deserve. Whether it be a relationship, a job, whatever situation it is, do your best to be honest with yourself. If a situation isn’t giving you what you need, don’t fool yourself – have enough self-respect to say ‘I’m not getting what I want from this situation… and I honestly won’t be able to settle.”

Credit: Vanguard NGR

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