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Tunji Andrews pens his personal Fitness struggles most finance geeks can relate to

So there’s this on and off relationship I have had with fitness for over 15 years. Starting out from the makeshift home gym of bars and flywheels, in my off-campus hostel, in Casidy, Ojo.

To be honest, I feel I was more committed then, judging that just with the bench press and the protein from the tiny pieces of fish on our meals at Iya Nosimo’s buka, I was able to gain 12 kg of muscle. It was some fun times, but I also got to realize that exercise can actually improve your immune system.

You see, while growing up, it wasn’t uncommon for me to fall ill due to bouts of the flu or malaria; it was more of a monthly occurrence and it frustrated the bejesus out of me. But here I was, having stumbled onto this, while living a healthier and fuller life.

As the years rolled by though, the dark side with fitness began to become a burden for me, the expectations and desires and self-pressure (let alone the societal pressure). The constant pointing to the fact that I had lost weight or the concern if I was sick, whenever life got in the way of my regime.

You see, I have one of those body types that gains and sheds very quickly, so I have to keep a high activity level to maintain my gains; but then the balance often tilts towards trying to keep my body buff as against just staying in shape.

Since 2014 though, I have gotten more and more intense with my training, diet, cardio, safe to say that I have been pushing the boundaries and watching my body and health improve with it. Started running 40km/week this year, with 4 days of weight training.

My goal is to add another 10 kilograms to my already 101kg body mass, while at the same time cut down my body fat to 10%; as at the time I set this goal, I was told it was unrealistic, it’s June and as much as I’d hate to admit it, i think they were right. While I’m at about 14% body fat, I have not crossed the 101kg range; sometimes, falling to 97kg.

I’ve put myself on a complex protein diet, shakes, amino acids and all, but very little change. The intense cardio is working wonders though but the bodymass has refused to turn up to the party and I can honestly say that it’s beginning to get frustrating. I have read many fitness articles, offering all sorts of solutions but yet to find the one to help me reach my goals. This said, I will not give up.

Funny thing though, this frustration is not unique to my situation, I and some can’t gain while others can’t shed. You’re either not big enough, not small enough, not ripped enough, not fit enough and if you somehow reach that goal, you will set new ones and start to pursue that; and while the ultimate fitness goal remains elusive, it’s the pursuit of this higher ideal that will keep you fit for as long as you can.

Well, I’m now on a regime of one gallon milk – one gallon water a day for the next 30 days. Apparently, the water is meant to help me cut the fat while the milk will help speed up my muscle gains(That is if I don’t get constipated first). But, I have learnt that keeping an open accountability system helps me and would love to hear about your struggles too, because I believe that we are stronger together.

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