#GhanaGist: Trying to dance and walk like Stonebwoy was not meant to mock or disrespect him

The young man who forced Stonebwoy to walk off the stage during his performance at the launch of Live 91.9 FM over the weekend has said that, his act was not meant to mock or disrespect him.

At the event, the fan walked on stage and mimicked the way Stonebwoy walk and dance, forcing the musician to throw his microphone into the audience and vacating the stage to announce his displeasure.

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However, he has apologized via an interview with Livefmghana.com.Stonebwoyy (1)

“I would like to use your platform to apologize to every Ghanaian especially to Bhim nation and Live FM. The act I put out there looked very disrespectful and I regret my actions. But honestly what I did there, that is trying to dance and walk like Stonebwoy was not meant to mock or disrespect him.”

“I did that out of my love for his personality and out of excitement. Am so sorry for my actions. Even though am not in a very serious problem yet, would like to tell my fellow Ghanaians that it is not a good thing to do.. Nobody should do that because, Our entertainment industry is still growing and such acts is not cool for the outside world. I apologized to him and his crew right after they leaving de show so y’all cursing me should stop. I have also had an accident before. I know how it feels. Thanks.”

Few days after the sad occurrence, the station issued a statement to condemn the act.

Source: GhanGist.Com

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