Trigmatic tells KSM: I have upgraded as an artiste



Rapper and first winner of the Ghana Music Awards Best Rapper of the Year accolade in 2011,Trigmatic, has stated that, he has upgraded as a musician. He said he has moved from being just a rapper who mimes on stage to an artiste with a ‘whole package’ of a musician.

“I think I just moved from being just a rapper to a whole package, from singing, working with an instrument … I’m learning, I’m getting there.” He told satirist, Kwaku Sintim Misa on the ‘Thank God Its Friday’ show, now branded as ‘The KSM Show’.

Trigmatic’s performance at the 3rd edition of the African Legends Night concert which was headlined by Nigerian super star Femi Kuti and Ghana’s Amakye Dede, was described by many as “He killed it”.

Being the only rapper among Highlife musicians, Trigmatic didn’t disappoint as he performed with a live band and succeeded in mesmerizing the patrons. He proved many doubting Thomases wrong with that performance which earned him an interview with KSM who was the MC on the night.

Speaking about why he find it necessary to upgrade, Trigmatic said he felt he wasn’t being challenged where he was and moreover he believes that in every profession, upgrading oneself is necessary.

“I want to be challenged a lot… I wasn’t being challenged and apart from that where the world is going, you need to advance and people now understand live music and the world is embracing live music. Even those who do minus ones… they still do their verses on the beats like that, so I just feel that in any profession, you need to upgrade and move on. I thought as the world is moving on, I just have to move on with it.”

He said African music is growing fast and the world is moving to a direction that has given birth to collabos between American and African artistes.

“With music, I think, especially, that African music has really grown very fast with people beginning to do international collabos like Jay Z … and Rick Ross finding the need to record with P-Square and co, it’s because they have realized there is a market here in Africa that they probably are not looking at, so if you want to get there, you might as well want to do what will get you there.”

Watch Trigmatic’s performance at the 3rd edition of the African Legends Night concert…

By Ebenezer Anangfio

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