Tributes to Komla Dumor‏ from Ghanaian Media/Showbiz fraternity in USA

Various Members of the Ghanaian Media/Showbiz Fraternity in the United States and Canada have come together to offer their various tributes to their departed comrade;

“Ei!!! Owuo tirimu 3y3 den saa, Owuo mp3 ade pa koraa.” Is that how death lays its cold hands on great young men and women? It was really shocking to hear Komla is gone.  I quickly checked “facebook” and found the words “RIP Komla, but found no response from him true or false on his wall.

It was then that I realized I was not dreaming but confronted with reality. My day was shattered as I realized that such a young man with so much life in him and passion for journalism had departed suddenly.

Komla broke barriers and did not allow his African accent to be a stumbling block and proved to the world courtesy of BBC that excellence in front of the camera has nothing to do with where you come from.

He was about to make history (The face of BBC FIFA, BRAZIL 2014 but death has its way.  Komla had always offered me compliments on the job and was humble to share his images on assignments with facebook friends.

He really put Ghana on the map and was proud of his roots.  Today, Volta, Togbe, nyebro is gone! The shock reminds me of my other departed great comrades, the late Divine Gakpey and Kwame Owusu Ansah.

Africa has lost another icon of hope, inspiration and vision for future journalists and media practitioners. Our Prayers and Condolence to the bereaved family and as part of the media fraternity, we are all in this together.

Charles N. Ntiamoah-Mensah (Mr. CNN, Media Mogul), 3G Media, Global Media Alliance, Ghanaweb and Day Break Africa – – Philly & New York

Komla Dumor

Komla Dumor

When the day of toil is done.
When the race of life is run
When man’s achievement of greatness come to the very end at the youthful age with tears and sorrows we say
Father grant your servant Komla A Dumor eternal rest for ever more
Brother we will forever miss u .


“A Poem for A true Hero

You corrected our wrongs, You told our truths, You projected our vision, You were here before existing and your absence is still present, We hear echoes of your vibrant voice that we would wake up to hear through loud speaking TV screens as you tell this beautiful story about Africa., You paved the way for Legends who wandered in wildernesses, You unify complex minds objectively. I waited earnestly to see you as a face of Africa in Brazil but I realized you are a face of the World.  We gained a legacy simply Indelible”.

Klenam Anatsui aka Heavy D, Formerly of Joy FM, New York, USA

He is one of the finest radiology people I have come to see in our time. A person with a great voice and personality who loves what he does.  I personally met him @ Joy Old school reunion in 2002 and he said to me; you are who you want to be now and I was like what was he saying? But until I became well known in the Ghana then I really understood what he was telling me. We have lost a great son, a brother; a father in the media world may the lord God keep him till we meet again, RIP. David Ekow Quansah aka Papa Sly, YFM/Afro1 TV. Columbus, Ohio

“What can I say in such a difficult time? I don’t think words can simply describe the pain and vacuum felt as a result of the boss player’s death. It has shaken all of us to the core and given us another reminder of how fragile life is. I can only thank God for giving the boss player to us and also thank the boss player for teaching us what it truly means to serve Your Maker, Your family, Your country and the world with such passion and dedication with the great talents God has blessed us with. Komla, my JOYFM comrade, sleep well. You will be missed – “ebi you alone dey know your tins”. Tribute by Akosua Larbi-Osei,  Minneapolis, Minnesota – Former Newsreader/reporter JOYFM Newsroom

The depth, sincere, genuine and listless tributes paid to you after your passing is testament to the legendary status you occupied in the media landscape and most importantly in the hearts of people who admired you. It was a joy to listen to you and your intelligence was profound. In the  face of death, we are powerless, but it’s my prayer, that the good Lord keeps you. Rest in peace Agbedefu…Kweku Mensah Acquah (Former Host of Choice FM’s breakfast Show), Philly 

A shining Star of Africa has extinguished.  Komla was an inspiration to all of us. We wish his family well.  May he rest in Peace. George Bright-Abu, Editor/Publisher, Afrikan Post, VA, 

I’m totally blacked out because I still am in shock. I still can’t eat well neither can I sleep well. Why should I bury my dad on November 30th, my uncle a week after and just when I thought I was getting myself and senses back in order, I lose a trusted friend. Why should KOMLA die now? I really wanna be an Ostrich now. I don’t wanna know it’s real but honestly it is! Unlike my father’s demise, Komla’s death has had a much bigger impact on me and a wake up call for me not to miss my Doc’s appointments. It also has given me a call to action: I have to rest when needed and appreciate life. Plus I have do my best wherever life pushes me to. I met KOMLA in person for the 1st time at Fox trap in Kumasi somewhere in the year 2000. I was a young enthusiastic Journalist with Fox fm at the time. We exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways having fun at the club. The last time I met the Boss Player in person again was at Busy Internet in Accra where I personally congratulated him for winning the prestigious GJA journalist of the year award (which I’ll propose to the Journalists Association to name after him in his honor for projecting Ghana to the rest of the world). I can’t wait to hear MCs announce on yearly basis : and now… The KOMLA DUMOR EXCELLENCE AWARD GOES TO… He was such a cool gentleman who took his job seriously and loved what he did with a passion. KOMLA defined morning shows in our part of the world when the state broadcaster GBC was boring us with unnecessary programs in the AM. Most of us looked up to his interview skills, professionalism, witty sayings and his humorous ways at attacking sensitive issues sometimes. He rose from grace to grace and became that shining star from Ghana. Four days before his sudden death, I showed his numerous pictures online to a colleague at work. The dude had asked me my source of inspiration and mentor. So, when the news broke of Komla’s death we both were dumb-founded and shocked. I can’s write anymore. My eyes are hurting with tears. I pray for God’s protection for the Children he left behind. May Kwansima, his beautiful wife, find consolation in The Lord. May his ailing father, Prof. Dumor gather enough strength through Komla’s legacy to live longer. May his sister Mawena And Brother Korshie stay strong in The Lord. To u Dzifa Gbeho Bampoh, and the entire extended family may u find happiness in The Lord again. May we all trust in God and thank Him for calling our brother and friend to be with Him at this particular moment. Damirifa due! due ne amanehunu!! KOMLA Nante yie! May u rest peacefully with your maker. Robert, the Flipman. (Formerly of Fox fm, Spirit fm, Uniiq fm and New York’s Volta Power fm)

“Komla Dumor I was hoping it was all a dream. But I’m trying to make sense of your untimely demise. And I was just casting my mind back to yesterday when I saw your show on BBC nothing showed you were sick, you looked happy and didn’t know that was your last show. I try to ask myself a lot of questions if you could just die then this world in which we live is really a transit point. The “boss player” you are gone physically, but your legacy will still live on. God needs you more than we do hence he coming for you. God says in all things we should give him thanks. We thank him for giving you 41 years on the earth. For those of us who knew you personally we say we have really lost a gem I can still remember the day you called me at the station; Groove Fm 106.3 when you asked me to play that Will Smith song; Getting Jiggy with it again after I had just finished playing it but anything for the “Boss Player”. Rest in perfect peace till we meet again”. – Albert Owu, NJ, USA

Komal Dumor has left a mark in a media and Journalism arena and a better understanding globe stories.  He was a symbol of hope for those who want to change in people’s life through Africa Journalism. Africa and the world has lost a great star.  Boss Player may your soul rest in perfect peace. – Charles Amponsah (Governor), New Vision Radio 103.5 FM, Worc., MA, USA

Africa is on the rise on all fronts. A vivid manifestation of our progress was our dear colleague, the indefatigable, amiable and durable Komla Dumor. He is the mirror, indeed the poster boy of the new Africa emerging on the global horizon. From his small corner, Dumor, raised a veritable platform via, BBC, to articulate the rise of Africa. He set new standards of journalism worthy of emulation by the media worldwide. He was very respectable and humble despite his huge stature in the media world. The last time I saw him face to face was at the Harvard University Library years ago and I remember his very words “hey boss what you are doing here?” Thanks to social media we remained in touch and he is one person who will encourage you to return to the Ghana media. I was frozen to the bones when I heard the news that the Dumor no more. I initially thought it was a prank. But it was It was no rumor, Dumor had indeed, joined the ancestors. A huge African media platform caves in. – Samuel Kissiedu, Africa Sports Journal, Orlando,Florida.

Komla’s sudden death is beyond heartbreaking! Ghana has lost a native son, Africa has lost a rising star of its future and the world has lost a beautiful human being… You have inspired so many young and old alike telling our stories, while shining bright in your own Black Star light-making us laugh & think and leaving us filled with pride that you are one of us! Your beautiful gap tooth smile will never be forgotten. All I can ask is why and hope that we can carry on the legacy of telling beautiful and honest African stories in a way that will make The Boss Player proud in forever reminding his beautiful children that their father is amongst the greats! The world cup which you were so looking forward to will not be the same without you and I hope Africa and the Black Star Nation honors you on the world stage. The world believed in Africa because you did and taught us all how and why! May your soul rest in eternal peace Black Star… Continue to Shine…. Aretha Amma Sarfo …, Global Fusion Productions Inc., Global Fusion Productions Inc, NY, 

Although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear, just know that you are very close in our thoughts and prayers. – Elove & Partners, NY, USA

Sometimes in life we have the privilege to meet special people whose talents and life are an embodiment of how great God is. Komla Dumor was one such talents who followed the path that God chose for him, using his voice to touch lives .Though his time with us was short, he has taught us that we should use our talents for the greater good and let our light shine for the world to see. He was a bolting light, a talent that believed all things are possible. He has also taught me, if you believe, all dreams and all heights are achievable if only you take a step of faith and do what you were born to do. We have lost a great voice, a great talent and great friend of the media. My thoughts and prayers go to his family and to all loved ones. May we never forget him. RIP dear friend.
Jennifer Osei Nartey    Broadcast Journalist formerly of GBC TV/Radio, Legend Talk Radio (USA) and QTV(USA)

Komla Dumor, A father , A son and A friend has left an empty whole in the lives of not only those close to him but also in the lives of the media . We were all happy of his success and his gradual rise to the top and to be counted amongst the best putting the name of Ghana on the map . It amazes me how from his accidental stroll into journalism turned out to be his best calling. I met him on several occasions because I worked at Mobitel and my words to him were ”nye bro” my brother in the Ewe dialect. Nye bro dapeme nuene’ Rest in peace , my brother .We pray for your family and we hope they grow to know you were a good man.
Henry Nartey -Actor, Ghana Movie Industry and Afrimaxx Multimedia,USA

“When we heard this devastated horrible news, we at Legend Media Network became still for a while and wondered…how can a great gift to Ghana and mother Africa be gone so soon. May your soul rest in perfect peace…you will always be remembered as one of the legends that put Ghana on map in your own way. Our deepest condolences to the family and friends”
Legend Media Network Group, Chicago IL, USA

It is very unfortunately that my friend of the ink fraternity   is gone too early. Death is truly wicked.  May His soul rest in perfect peace. – Prince Osei Bonsu – Editor-Chief/Publisher of GOD’S TIME MAGAZINE, VA, 

I never got the chance to meet Komla in person but he was one of my biggest inspiration as far as journalism and media is concern. I admire his work and dedication to keeping Africa on the map in a positive way. Unlike many others in the news business, Komla told our story without any bias and was very proud to show his roots and culture while working for BBC. He was a son of Ghana and his legacy will be carried on”. Gabe – CEO of Ghanalinx Media Group

It is heartbreaking to face reality, especially when this reality is a painful one. Today, we are unfortunately confronted with such a situation. Komla Dumor, the astute broadcaster and journalist, whose strive for professional excellence made him the toast of Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world, has departed this life.  Komla, in a time like this, we are comforted by the fact that you are resting in the bosom of your maker. Yet, our grief knows no bounds because you left us not only at a tender age, but a time when the world had just began to see the depth of your exploits. The outpouring of tributes from all and sundry indicates how grateful the world is for the incredible life you led. Your family, friends and loved ones are all reeling from the grief of your loss; and only the impeccable legacy you left has afforded us the strength to carry on. It is fervently hoped that Ghanaians, Africans, and people the world over will not only eulogize your life, but more importantly let the light of your life shine through their actions. Fare thee well, The Boss Player! You will be sorely missed! – Prince K. Bediako Frimpong & Israel Ameshie,, ATL, GA

My first encounter with Kumla Dumor was on the Super Morning Show with my then boss of NCCE Greater Accra regional director Mrs Doris Archampong. We were on the super morning show for a brief moment to discuss the constitution week celebration.  The interview was quick, insightful and interesting. That was the first and only time I met him but I followed his exploits both at home and on the BBC.  I got into Journalism simply because of the influence of Komla Dumor especially the way he excelled at it.  He was the reference point for excellence in journalism for my generation. Thank you Komla for your silent encouragement to some of us. You were indeed a gem and as David in the Bible, I would say you served your generation well just as King David did! My condolence to Kwansema and the children. Rest in peace!  – Dennis Darko Mantey, Formally of TV Africa and Etvghana – Austell, GA. 


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