TRAILER: New Movie “Announcement” featuring Adjetey Anang, David Dontoh, Amanda Jissih, Kafui Danku premieres on January 31


The church is in chaos. Why? Harriet, the eleven year old daughter of Rev. Martin Sam has been kidnapped by Samuel Mama, a young man who managed to break out of prison seven years into his life sentence. Samuel Mama is demanding that Rev. Sam makes a public announcement that he Rev Sam committed the crime for which he Samuel Mama was imprisoned for if he wants his daughter alive. How will the reverend handle this? How will the church embrace the news? One question that lingers on the mind of all interested parties- Did Rev. Sam really commits the crime?

This suspense-filled story draws the line between living and existing. It’s almost unbearable due to the unceasing suspense embedded in it. Don’t miss the exciting turn of event with suspense filled episode to hit your screens. We call it a nightmare scenario guaranteed to make the audiences’ blood run cold. This intriguing and award winning movie is the first of its kind that will make you glued to your seat.

The movie features stars like Adjetey Anang, David Dontoh, Doris Sackitey, Kafui Danku, Amanda Jissih, Fred Amugi, Albert Jackson-Davis and Peter Ritchie amongst others.

This will be at a grand premiering event scheduled for the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra on January 1, 2014. Lil Win will be meeting his large fan base at the ceremony in his usual colours for more side-splitting moments.

Watch the trailer below:


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