Totally Ethnik rebrands to “Nadrey Laurent” A Story of Evoluton

Nadrey Laurent is a story of evolution, our inspiration for a new fashion brand, A More Personal Meaning, A Stronger Identity.

 Nadrey in Bété (a language in Cote D’Ivoire) my dialect, means my heart, my love while Laurent is my Father, My Strength, and My Pride. Bold, serene and always elegant, my father, “Nadrey Laurent” has become my inspiration.

On this new journey, we are propelled to dream bigger, push further, achieve greater.

Nadrey Laurent is an invitation to an effortlessly chic yet undeniably refined lifestyle.

Debut Collection – Colors of the Earth SS17

 Colors of the Earth is Nadrey Laurent’s debut collection.

This collection initiates the new journey by showcasing our potential to embrace a more unique personality.  It shows the warmth and beauty of our persona through colorful prints, orchid appliqués, sequins and other embellishments.

Colors of the Earth resonates from a background of rich and saturated earthy colors of brown, orange, mustard and desert sand expressed in original African fabrics such as batik, faso dan fani mixed with crepe, lace, satin and knit fabric.

“Colors of the Earth” collection revolutionizes Nadrey Laurent’s mission to create apparels with appealing inspiration that convey Elegance, Luxury and Essence” says Marie Kipre.

Designer                              :               Marie Kipre

Models                                  :               Naadei, Kenza & Nii Otoo

MUA                                     :               Makeup by Asare

Photography                     :               KlassyFilms

Stylist                                   :               Sarah Ferdjani

Accessories                        :               Odara, Muggs Jewellery

Directed by                        :               Mareep Production 



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