Time with Lady Sam: D-Black talks about fashion, style and a blend of different things

Rapper and entrepreneur Desmond Blackmoore better known as D-Black meets Lady Sam this week at Moevenpik Hotel – they talk fashion, style and have a good old catch up.

Lady Sam:  D-Black you always look so good who or what influences your fashion choices?

D-Black: I love fashion, I love to blend colours, and I switch styles up a lot though. Dependent on where I’m headed you know. My style is influenced by Colors mostly. I love to play around with Colors.

Lady Sam: Wow that is quite interesting so how would you define your fashion?

D-Black: I got that D-Black style and I got the Mr. Desmond Blackmore style too. D-Black rocks the timbalands and Airforce 1’s with polo shirts or fitting tees or a jersey at times. Mr. Blackmore can come through in a custom made suit or Kaftan you feel me? I’m not just a rapper, I’m in the corporate world to so dependent on the situation I come through accordingly. I guess the answer to the question is that there isn’t a style for me. I am a blend of different things.

Lady Sam: Wow a blend of different things I like that. So do you have a regime in terms of foods that you eat or exercise that you do to keep your look?

D-Black: To be honest, I’m now trying to put that together. I understand the essence of a healthy lifestyle so I’m working at getting into that kinda regime.

Lady Sam: Ok so still on looking a certain way what are your thoughts on those who dress to show off their curvaceous body shape?

D-Black: I love curves 😍 I love to see em. Don’t stop ladies.. (He smiles)

Lady Sam: That’s very unlikely that will stop in this part of the world, it is a trend. (He laughs) D-Black speaking of trends something that I see happening a lot is our sister’s wearing their hair natural now what are your thoughts on that?

D-Black: I love Natural hair. Too much weaves is a turn off for me..

Lady Sam: Ok, so from all the countries that you have travelled to which country do you think has the best fashion?

D-Black: Europeans have the best fashion sense. Italy and Holland and the French got it!! (At this point I give him a high five – my British roots betray me)

Lady Sam: So moving back home who is the most fashionable celebrity in Ghana in your opinion?

D-Black: Myself hahahaha!!

Lady Sam: I wouldn’t argue with you. (He laughs) So who do you think could do with some fashion advice in Gh?

D-Black: Ermmmm. The list is too long lol! Hahaha (now it is my turn to laugh and I do so heartily).

Lady Sam: Ok let’s move on…tell me what is the most expensive item of clothing you have bought and how much did it cost?

D-Black: I spend on shoes. I got a rack of 200+ shoes. (My mouth obviously drops at this point) I don’t know what the most expensive is but that collection is worth a fortune.

Lady Sam: Well you almost floored me with that revelation but I think the smell of your intoxicating aftershave would have soon brought me round, I’m loving the smell of your aftershave what is it called?

D-Black: It’s Versace Eros

Lady Sam: I love it and I don’t want to start getting carried away so let me ask you my final question before your aftershave gets me into trouble tell me what do have to look forward to from D black?

D-Black: My album #LightWork drops in 2016. It’s taken me a while to put this body of work together. My last album was in 2012. This one is different. I got a  documentary coming with it , I feel a lot of people need to get into my zone and look at the music industry through my eyes to be able to rock with me and understand the different genres of music I got on this piece. Also got a video dvd with the album too. I am opening club Onyx in March 2016 also. I got a lot more surprises trust me.



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