Time to blend UK music into Azonto with ‘DaMoe’ – UK based Ghanaian beat maker

DaMoe is a Ghanaian based United Kingdom beat maker and producer who is excelling in his field and has a great line up of production deals for our mainstream and upcoming artistes in Ghana and across Africa.

The UK based beat maker mentioned that he came on a visit to Accra this year to survey the trend of music and how fast our music is selling.

“I have understood the music together with its business side in Ghana”, DaMoe noted.

Even though when he came he worked with a couple of upcoming musicians, DaMoe wants to extend his works to more great artistes especially those with talent.

Born and raised in the UK, DaMoe entered the music scene as a DJ playing UK Garage and Funky House hence he has high level of understanding in music and brings to bear the DJ feel of music during his productions.

“I stopped DJ’ing and got into music production because it’s what comes naturally to me and I feel that it’s another way of communicating what I feel to the world.”

DaMoe disclosed that early in his production career he expanded his musical production repertoire by experimenting with other genres of music including Drum & Bass, Dubstep, R&B hence he brings the UK side to Ghanaian music.

“I am a producer who likes to be versatile and am working hard to be able to switch up styles. I am open to work with artistes who have talent and are also ready to experiment. The deal is, I don’t just bring on board the UK side of music but also promotion as a major tool.”

In his ending words, DaMoe stated that he is currently working with some upcoming and established artistes in the UK and Ghana on some new fusion of Afrobeat, Dancehall and House music productions and he is open for business.

The man who also composes orchestral music for Film, TV and Adverts ended by saying: “It’s all about blending UK music into our Azonto style, so if you are an artiste who would like global appeal then I am the engineer to work with contact me via Twitter: @DaMoeSounds.



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