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threesixtyGh premieres YouTube Vlog Channel

In the midst of economic catastrophe, lack of employment, and a deficit of opportunities to thrive, lies a group of ambitious entrepreneurs and philanthropists investing their time, energy, and resources toward the economic progress and overall development of Ghana.

They see Ghana’s problems as opportunities, believe in its potential to grow, and are investing their talents, entrepreneurial skills, and philanthropic spirit into creating platforms the country needs to be self-sufficient.

threesixtyGh is an online platform that captures the experiences of everyday people in all corners of Ghana who are thriving and creating groundbreaking opportunities in spite of all the economic hardships in the country and battling the odds.

Join us on Wednesday, 17th September 2014 as we showcase some of the stories of entrepreneurs managing business oriented developmental projects and philanthropists using their voice and good deeds to impact the growth of the country while creating platforms for domestic economic prosperity.

Some featured Stories:

Anna (Ekua) Bannerman-Richter- Race Director of the Accra International Marathon (AIM) and returnee of over 17 years, who for the past eight years has been instilling a healthy living lifestyle in Ghanaians through fitness.

Albert Osei– CEO and Managing Director of KoKo King, the innovative on-the-go breakfast packaging company revolutionizing the Ghanaian food industry and creating employment.

Edison Gbenga Ade- Lead Consultant at AgriPro and Regional Director at YALDA. Using agriculture as a means to generate income among the youth while advocating a green and organic lifestyle.

Lauren Grimanis- Co-founder and President of The Akaa Project. As a young Caucasian woman in her early 20’s Lauren chose to stay and dedicate her life to serving a village community after an internship.

We hope this YouTube channel gives viewers an inside look of what Ghana has to offer while exposing featured guests to potential investment opportunities.

Check out our teaser video and tune in to our social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information about the premiere this Wednesday, 17th September. Please contact us at for further information.

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