Thoughts of an ambassador – Blitz the Ambassador says it’s time to reverse Africa’s negative brand!


The portrayal of Africa by the international media, as a territory with just too many problems, has always been a source of worry for the continent’s people, home and abroad. Ghanaian/American musician Blitz the Ambassador has joined the debate on how to counter it.

He’s taken to micro blogging site Twitter to share some few thoughts.

“I always wonder what Africans who study Marketing/Branding in the worlds so called best Universities do with their degrees... ”

“At the end of the day it comes down to branding. Africa has has been sold only from a negative brand perspective and its time to reverse it.

“We need to seize the the imaging/branding of Africa from those who seek to profit from an acute and biased singular story “

“This is not to mask or cover up the problems we have at home…..but we must have positive branding efforts to combat that story. “

“We all have work to do, those at home and those abroad to re-brand (for lack of a better word) our Continent. We know the status quo.

“Some people are so afraid to define themselves that when you choose to define you, they can only react negatively ‘

“Most people be like: What? There is good news coming out of Africa? (changing the channel) ”

“Learning every day the difference between making it happen and letting it happen. Somethings you just can’t force “

Source: ENewsGH

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