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Since we’re already in April and Spring has recently hit us with its bright colours and fresh air, this is the perfect moment to leave our winter hairstyles from 2013 and move to 2014’s great hairstyle trends.

Are you thinking of changing your hair style for this coming season and don’t know what to do? Here are a few hairstyles that are bound to help you become a sexy winter woman!

Hair extensions – Short hair one day and long hair the next, it’s so convenient and so much fun! Though synthetic ones are quite popular, they usually end up looking disastrous. They can look cheap and tacky and the result is not always the best you can get.

“That’s why so many women just prefer to look for natural ones; hair extensions are a big deal in Nigeria. In fact, they are widely available in that country, if you don’t know where to find them you can either ask your local beauty parlor or look for someone who is selling their locks online; just make sure their color is similar to yours and that there are no split ends, and you’re ready to go. There are so many elegant celebrities wearing them and that you never even realized of, from Taylor Swift to Naomi Campbell, from Beyoncé to Lady Gaga.

Thick bangs – Emilio Pucci and Luigi Murenu are bringing back this very British-fashion-in-the-‘70s style. They have to be short in the middle and longer at the end, so that the final result will be long bangs, wispy and ready to enhance your eyes, perfect for long and oval faces!

Shatush – This is one of the latest Spring hairstyles that’s hitting hard everywhere in the world and looks great in women of all races. So what is shatush you ask? It’s a hair coloring treatment created by the internationally famous hairstylist Aldo Coppola in London. To make it more simple, the hair is back-combed in different sections and, instead of using tin foils as it’s been done traditionally, the color is applied directly on your hair. The result? Natural-looking highlights with minimal damage and less obvious re-growth. Just amazing!

Low Ponys – From Oscar de la Renta to Lavin, going through Chloé and Ralph Lauren, whether hair is pulled down around the face and then tucked behind the ears, swept back and then parted for a sharp look, or made bouncier and more girlish, the ponytail will be lower. No excuses.

Wet Look – Don’t worry, you won’t have to catch a cold, there are many products on the market that will make your hair look wet without actually having to soak them in water, and it’s really easy to do yourself!. It’s a very sexy and peculiar look, created for Prada, that adds a very nonchalant charm.

Super volume – Whether your hair is curly or you have to curl it yourself, once you got your shapes set, back-brush your locks spiral by spiral with a boar bristle brush.The volume will be granted and frothy, incredibly sexy and absolutely impossible to not be noticed. Like a real diva from the 40s, brought to you by Marc Jacobs, Lela Rose and Bottega Veneta.

This is the perfect hairstyle to combine with extensions and even thick bangs. How high is too high? Relax, you won’t have to wear fifteen tons of hairspray for this, it’s more 80s than 60s, so start preparing your comb and brush for this style!

By Angela Sarpong

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