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This week on DStv: Californication, KUWTK, Royal Stories and more

M-Net Edge DStv Channel 119 – Premium

Wanted (Premiere): Wednesday 4 May at 5:00pm

This is a compelling and fast-paced Australian drama. In the series premiere, two strangers from different worlds witness a car-jacking gone wrong, and become immediate suspects in the case.

Californication: Premieres on Wednesday 4 May at 8:00pm

Emmy and Golden Globe award winning dramedy about a pleasure seeking novelist. In the season premiere, Hank and Karen’s plans for New York unravel when a series of incidents land Hank in jail.

Game of Thrones Season 6 every Thursday at 10:00pm

Multiple Emmy award winning fantasy drama that follows the epic struggle for power and survival between several royal families, in the fictional kingdom of Westeros.

E! DStv Channel 124

#Richkids Of Beverly Hills: Friday 6 May at 6:00pm


Experience life in the fast lane with a glimpse into the extravagant world of millionaire twenty-somethings. This month, the drama continues as princess of Beverly Hills Morgan Stewart and her real-estate mogul prince Brendan Fitzpatrick prepare for their ultra-glam dream wedding. Meanwhile, Dorothy Wang decides to give dating another chance; Johnny Drubel is determined to become the next big DJ in West Hollywood and beyond; and having lost 180 pounds, EJ Johnson is exploring the modelling industry.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians Sun 08 May 2016, 6:00pm

 Follow the unique family of Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, Kylie, their mum Kris, and their group of celebrity pals.

The 12th season premieres on E! this month as we follow the lives of America’s most famous celebrity family, featuring an exclusive look at the private lives of Kim Kardashian and her siblings.

With plenty of drama, glamour, laughter and tears, join the Kardashian family as they meet life’s triumphs and tragedies head-on in their trademark style, supporting each other through the good and the bad.

BET DStv Channel 129

The Wendy Williams Show: ever week day at 2:30pm

Been missing your daily dose of hot gossip and life advice from the diva of daytime talk? Sassy radio host and author Wendy Williams is back with her Hot Topics (where she covers the shocking celebrity stories of the week), Ask Wendy (an agony aunt session with the studio audience) and “tell-it-like-it-is” opinions on everything. Follow her celebrity interviews with the likes of Seal, Jennifer Lopez and Pamela Anderson. Her adoring studio audience can’t get enough – and neither will you.

Nairobi Half Life:  Saturday 7 May 2016 at 6:00pm

David “Tosh” Gitonga’s 2012 directorial debut is a refreshing take on the tale of a country boy who tries his luck in the big city. It won four Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards

Food Network DStv Channel 175


Anna Olson: Fresh: Mon 09 May, 3:00pm

Cooking For A Crowd’. Anna takes us through the essentials of a great dinner party. She prepares a Mediterranean potato salad, juicy BBQ back ribs, and tops tender greens and grilled apricots with her marinated flank steak.

Lifetime DStv Ch131

Child Genius: every Monday at 6:45pm

Lifetime’s all-new competition series Child Genius centres on America’s most extraordinary children and their families as they prepare for a national intelligence competition. In cooperation with American Mensa, the competition takes place over eight weeks and tests the nation’s brightest young minds. Hosted by Leland Melvin, former NASA astronaut, the show features 20 boys and girls aged 8 to 12 from across the country, all competing for a $100,000 school fund and the title of Child Genius.


M-Net DStv Channel 103

Insurgent: Sunday 8 May at 6:30pm

Shailene Woodley stars in the second instalment to the Divergent franchise. Beatrice Prior must battle her inner demons in order to continue the fight against the oppressive regime.

Cartoon Network DStv Channel 301

We Bare Bears (Brand new episodes): every week day at 4:30pm

The most tech-savvy Bears out there are back in brand new, selfie-filled adventures this May! Have you ever imagined your three favourite brothers as small, adorable cubs? Cartoon Network has! Prepare to discover special new episodes, which will uncover our heroes’ past! From trying to find a home to shooting a commercial in a pet shop, you’ll find out how this team of three came to be!

Nickelodeon DStv Channel 305

Game Shakers: every Monday at 3:25pm

How cool would it be to have your own company? And wouldn’t it be even cooler if it was one that made games and the other employees were your best friends? And what if an internationally famous rap star was your partner? Welcome to the world of Kenzie, Babe, Triple G and Hudson … also known as the GAME SHAKERS! They are only 12 years old, but these kids are a sensation in the world of gaming.

100 Thing To Do Before High School: every Monday at 7:45pm

Growing up can be scary and exciting. That’s why, before stepping into high school and all its drama and challenges, lifelong friends CJ, Fenwick and Crispo are determined to make their last years of middle school EPIC! Together, they carry out a bucket list to take chances and experience life while they still can, and make their last few years the best ever!

ITV Choice DStv Channel 123

Royal Stories: Friday 6 May at 7:00pm

Each half-hour will reveal a series of secrets about members of Britain’s Royal Family; which has at its head the world’s oldest monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Every show will contain substantial exclusive footage from ITV‘s Royal Archive. Tune in again on Friday 13 May at 7:00pm

Maisha Magic Bongo DStv Channel 160

Sakata La Ndoa: Wednesdays – Fridays at 4:30pm

What God has put together, let no man put asunder. Everyone thinks marriage is a bed of roses. It’s until you enter into this engagement that you find it’s a lifetime hook, a deep ocean full of storms and wild tides. At time it can be a calm beautiful scenery. Sakata la Ndoa gives you the full interpretation of marriage.

Maisha Magic East

Mr. & Mrs. Singh: Mondays at 4:30pm

Mutiso is an illiterate domestic worker in the family house of Mr. and Mrs. Singh, a rich Indian family who live a high class life. Mutiso has three wives back home and his personal life affects his work at the big house. It is drama after drama in the most comic way.

Mashariki Mix Season One: Airs Mondays to Friday at 1:30pm

Mashariki Mix is a 30-minute weekly lifestyle series, the program spotlights great places to shop, eat and celebrate. The contemporary magazine show also profiles the must-know entertainment and social personalities in the region.

Zee World DStv Channel 166

The Vow every week day at 5:00pm

Vydia and Chetan trap Surili into revealing the truth about Sameer’s true identity. Sindoora suspects that someone in the family might know her and Surili’s secret and starts questioning the family.

Information about Surili’s doing is exposed to the family but this backfires as she has gained their trust. Surili then makes matters worse by tricking Uma into giving her their wealth.

Surili finds herself in trouble but turns the situation around and blames someone else for her doings.

East Meets West every week day at 7:00pm

Lisa finds herself in between a rock and a hard place. Fortunately, Abhay’s grandfather comes to the rescue. Uday stands up and volunteers to marry Lamita. It looks like Rekha’s intentions are in question. Lamita is getting cold feet and questions whether or not she will be able to satisfy her in-laws. Rekha convinces Rama to perform Abhay and Lisa’s wedding ritual behind Ranbir’s back. Rekha realises that she is actually not getting her way with the wedding plans. What will she do to stop the wedding from proceeding successfully?image028

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