Things Worth Noting About DKB’s “Point Of View” Comedy Show

Just like Jacinta, the only female humourist on the night said, comedian, DKB took the promotion of his comedy show dubbed, Point of View too serious and a “World Cup” like we say in the local parlance. With Point of View being his first ever show, one could pardon him for the aggressive manner in which he went about promoting the show on all platforms.

DKB adopted the in-your-face-kind-of-approach which helped him. In fact, he actually left no stone unturned in that regard. It was one hell of a show that had a lot of noise attached to it and interestingly, it did live to expectation.Over the past few years since he broke onto the Ghana comedy scene, DKB has established himself as a social media person. Okay, you can say he is friendly and loud on social media.He is one of the few comedians who are active on social media and shares his views as far as issues in the country are concerned.

DKB performing at his Point of View Comedy Show

DKB performing at his Point of View Comedy Show

No issue passes him by, be it political, musical etc. even the controversial ones, DKB is just on hand to comment on them. Sometimes, it feels as if his life depends on it. So his approach wasn’t so suprising in terms of knowing the kind of person he is.

Prior to the show, he told Showbiz that, “Ghanaian comedians are daring Ghanaians to come see and laugh their hearts out by the best of GH comedians, and they can refuse to stop patronising us if we do not live up to their expectation.  In fact, monies will be refund at the end of the show if we don’t deliver.”

Fast forward to today, monies cannot be refunded because the show did live up to the expectation and patrons were hugely entertained. You may have read about all that took place on the night but below I will list a few memorable things about the show.

Be Brave and Organise Your Show

I think Ghanaians are naturally not funny and that unfortunately, is always used to judge the country’s comedians and their deliveries.

There are a handful of comedy platforms in the country with Charterhouse’s Night of Laughs and Music series being the longest running comedy platform in the country.

Unlike our Nigerian comedians who have a huge population and are known for staging and headlining big comedy shows they organise themselves, Ghanaian comedians are not bold enough to follow in that regard. Ghanaian rapper, Okyeame Kwame who has some background in comedy shares in my sentiment.

“So this young man [DKB] has broken the jinx.  They say that young Ghanaian men are not funny, it’s not true, they are just not brave. DKB is brave… between comedy and foolery; I don’t know which one he tilted more towards but he is an amazing guy, he made [all of] us laugh,” RapDacta as he is also known told GhanaGist.Com after the Point of View Comedy Show.

VIDEO: Watch Okyeame Kwame speak about Point of View Comedy Show

Ghanaians always seem to wait for a person to take a bold decision and then they jump on it.

Instead of looking at ways to help themselves and work on their strategies as well as deliveries when they get the opportunity to mount the stage, they waste ample time responding to criticisms about them.

A comedian is supposed to make his patrons laugh. If you are not able to do so on a number of occasions, you are simply not ready for the comedy trade and people will criticise you.

If you claim to be funny and no event organiser is hiring you, be brave enough to mount your own stage and call their bluff.

Like Okyeame Kwame said, you guys aren’t brave and now it’s the time to start acting brave for your own good.

Give upcoming comedians a chance

If you are influential in your chosen field, as a sign of maturity, you have to drag others along with you especially your friends who may be struggling to make it and that’s what DKB did to perfection at the Point of View comedy show.

DKB is on fire as a comedian and a fine one at that. The Point of View comedy show was superb with all the support from the other comedians.

At the same time, it would have been very successful even without the other comedians and still made history.

But DKB didn’t care too much about writing history alone. Except David Oscar and David Aglah, DKB brought on board all the names that ring a bell in the Ghanaian comedy scene.

Now apart from the usual names such as Khemikal, Ajeezay, Hogan, I.D James Brown, Jacinta, Comedian OB, Foster Romanus; Ghanaians can now boast of TK, Nino and Lekzy The Comic who was by far the best revelation on the night.

“For me, I think this was totally outstanding. Like I was saying earlier, it’s totally long overdue. I’m really proud of the acts that were on the stage. My favourite on the night … someway somehow has my name Lekzy… he was so amazing but kudos to DKB for pulling this on. This is totally phenomenal and of course it’s the first one of the many great acts that showed up on the stage. Hey, good thing for GH comedy. I think we are ready to roll now to the world. GH Comedy, DKB Point of View, absolutely fantastic,” Radio and television personality, Lexis Bill commented about Lekzy in an interview with GhanaGist.Com.

VIDEO: Watch Lexis Bill speak about Point of View Comedy Show

Thanks to DKB, now Lekzy the Comic has been contracted by Charterhouse for the upcoming Night of 1022 Laughs scheduled for August 5. Guys, that’s the ultimate platform for every comedian in Ghana.

Force the old man to notice you

Ghanaians didn’t need President John Mahama or the Minister of Power to say that the erratic power rationing popular known as ‘Dumsor’ was partially back. The same way, I think Ghanaians didn’t need Kwaku Sintim Misa to tell us how good DKB is a comedian. But for someone who has been known as the godfather of Ghanaian comedy, of course DKB needed his blessings and his words to cement his reputation as the King of Comedy in Ghana.

DKB managed to drag KSM, how, I don’t know to his show to endorse him as the new King of Comedy. How he convinced KSM is of no importance now, the most important thing is that, KSM uttered the words below to welcome him on the stage.

“When I see DKB he says KSM you are the man and I say no, I was the man. Now you are the man. I am very proud of him, so it is my pleasure and my duty to introduce to you the new King of Comedy DKB.

“I am here today and I’m very happy for these young guys (comedians). Show them some love. They have taken GH comedy to a new level and I am extremely proud of them. I hosted DKB some time ago on my show and I said DKB, one day you are going to get there and I am going to open for you. He thought I was lying, so when he talked about this show, I was like no problem, I will be there and I will open it for you. That is why I am here today,” KSM said to announce DKB.

Ghana comedy has matured

I’m a huge critic of Ghanaian comedians and looking at what I saw and experienced at the show, I can say that, Ghana comedy has arrived and is ready to take on the world.

But this can only happen if the comedians don’t rest on their oars but continue to work hard, research on new material for the great tasks ahead.

“Point of View was a bomb. This is a huge endorsement of how far Ghana comedy has come. I love the support that the other guys came to give him tonight. We are hoping they will be able to sustain this platform and every year people will be looking forward for Point of View,” Yaw Sakyi told GhanaGist.Com.

VIDEO: Watch Yaw Sakyi speak about Point of View Comedy Show

Like Yaw said, Point of View was a huge endorsement of Ghanaian comedy. Now it’s time for them to capitalise on that and grow.

This is certainly not the time to respond to criticisms as there are few others who will not be enthused about anything. It’s normal!

By Ebenezer Anangfio / Graphic Showbiz

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