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Theatre is the most powerful tool for development – Uncle Ebo Whyte

Uncle Ebo Whyte

Uncle Ebo Whyte

Renowned playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte is advocating for the use of theatre to help promote and achieve the country’s developmental agenda stating “it is the most powerful tool for development.”

The playwright, founder and owner of Roverman Production, has since 2008 dazzled Ghanaians and foreigners alike to some interesting plays with many crediting him for breathing life into the country’s theatre industry.

Uncle Ebo Whyte, who also hosts Food for Thought on Joy FM, after the successful showing of his latest production, What’s My Name, at the National Theatre that the country needs to highlight the important role theatre holds for its development.

According to him, theatre “has been the tool that has been used in all the developed countries and theatre is very powerful in social engineering in changing the mindset of people and shifting paradigms.”

He noted that, “In every country where theatre is strong you would find that public discipline and public morality is much higher that other countries where it is not that strong.”

“It is the most powerful tool for development,” Ebo Whyte stressed and explained that “the politician can come out with his policies but the policies may not filter down well.”

“Let a playwright take the issues and weave the story around it, create characters to tell the story of the policy and the policy will sink much deeper than if it is just spoken of on platforms and in the media,” he explained.

The playwright who boasts of several successful plays such asEveryone Has A SecretCaught in the Act, and Trials of the Ghanaian, lamented that, although “the theatre is extremely powerful, we haven’t explored it in Ghana that much. I think it is time to explore it.”

Ebo Whyte observed that, theatre must do more than just be entertaining and stressed that, “If I can make you laugh, I can sell anything to you. The most effective way of communicating anything to anybody is through the magic of humour.”

While some Ghanaians will argue that the notion of using theatre for educational purposes is not effective, the Roverman Productions CEO said, “If the education is presented in an interesting and entertaining way it will get an audience. People will listen, watch and they will make every effort to imbibe it.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte revealed that Ghanaians should expect more education, entertainment and development focused productions in the future.


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