The truth about Ghanaian Music Industry revealed


The music industry is a very dodgy turf to thread on and for the many artists stuck between a rock and a hard place, here’s the whole truth.

Enjoy the struggle
Money should always offer you a lifeline but when you are wandering and struggling in the dark streets of the industry, cherish it. Those moments will be your best days to know who cared about you, how business should not be done and how far friendships should go. Appietus in an interview on the A Plus Show a year ago narrated how he used to walk from Madina to Accra to learn music engineering.

Stay true
Every one of us will do something amazing at some point in our career but it will go unnoticed but when we speak in the language the people around us understand better, it helps us to stay close to what we do well; you will be the toast of the industry. EL started putting out amazing tunes from way back; he is now reaping all he sowed.

It takes time
It takes every overnight success about ten years to come to reality. Every mainstream artiste once struggled before getting a shot at the limelight. You creat good records and people take credit for it for years; you get a plan to hit mainstream and it takes you some years to get money.

Hold your own
Let your work speak for itself. The better your works, the better cushion it lays for you to negotiate better deals. In an industry like ours, once you need someone to survive, you are a potential money-making machine for them. Sarkodie proved Africa he was worth our attention with ‘Dangerous’.

The industry grows steadily
There’s a difference in getting into the industry, making it and getting respected by the main players. Don’t confuse any of these stages. Bollie of ‘Kiss Your Bride’ fame got into the industry, Edem is making it happen now, Obrafour has earned the respect of the industry.

Trends change
The whole music industry is like water, it can freeze into ice, turn into steam and evaporate into thin air, and can flow into any shape and form anytime it deems fit. Richie made crank popular, Ofori Amponsah came with Hilife, Azonto came and we are getting to know of a certain Al Qaeda dance theme. It’s always moving on its own and you can’t hold it and claim it forever!

Culled from ENewsGH

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