The Movie Industry needs a look at

The industry has witnessed a fall in its professionalism in recent years due to inaccurate shots, diversion of Culture, Exposition of witchcraft as well as monotonous stories.

Today, we could find out that the establishment shots, cut-aways, extreme close-ups and other important shots are neglected by our moviemakers. They stick to only two shots in order to wrap-up quick and market. We should bear in mind that “good name is better than riches”, as a matter of fact monies would surely follow, after making good name both within the country and abroad. Deceiving the audience is when we make our name, hence the two shots game would surely get them fed up and we would be doomed. Therefore, we need to upgrade ourselves with multiple shots so we can leave our audience with probing minds.


Despite the technicalities, the movie industry has shifted from our true cultural values. Popular Nigerian words like “wahala”, “okada”, “I don die” and a few expressions have come to rear its ugly head in our industry. We seem to be promoting other peoples culture than ours. I should say, it’s high time we use our movies to brainwash those imperialist historians who believed that Africa’s civilization was all a result of the advent of the Europeans.

Furthermore, Ghanaian movies have become an avenue for the promotion of witchcraft and fetishes. Recent movies portray witches and fetishes as powerful evil creatures who could only destroy. Scenes with witches eating womb of pregnant women and a whole lot is what we see. Witchcraft and fetishes activities cannot be proved scientifically and therefore should have no place in this 21st Century. My wish is that moviemakers would desist from these technological impediment practices.

Worst of it all, similar stories are produced using different titles and characters. This is breaking our intelligence over our audience since ending of movies are being predicted and it comes true.

In my opinion, further studies, learning from professionals and a lot more are the only means by which we can lift high the image of this honourable profession.

By Felix Acquaye

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