The Loony Side of the Guinness Big Eruption Concert

The Big Eruption Concert passed as highly successful thanks to the awesome performances put up by all the artists that stepped on the stage on Saturday, 23rd November, 2013 at the Accra Sport Stadium.

The open air concert which was hugely patronized by fans from all walks of life danced, sang, screamed and applauded every one of the six artists who mounted the stage-with the loudest applauds going for Akon, Samini and Big Sean.


But the concert also experienced some loony moments. First of the many were the security arrangements at the VIP entrance when a police officer who was obviously inebriated decided to lock the gates to the field and comfortably placed a chair in front and reclined in an ‘I-Give-No-Fucking-Damn-About-You-All’ state. The invectives heaped on him were to say the laughable, albeit the situation was no annoying.

Then the performances began. The expected fans had a field day when Akon asked the security persons to allow the fans to come closer to the stage. Some daring fans succeeded in climbing onto the stage, in an attempt to pose with him. The security details didn’t allow that to happen.

Those caught in time were thrown off the stage like they didn’t matter at all. They were bundled and virtually thrown away, back into the audience. Yet that did not stop the others from climbing on the stage. Some, I believe, wanted to enjoy the feeling of getting thrown into a crowd of fans. It was funny despite it being dangerous in equal measure.


Then there was the moment when during a Samini performance, a die-hard fan climbed on the stage and embraced Samini. Two security guys tried bundling him off to no avail. Later 5 others joined but the guy refused to move. This attracted a large applauds from the fans. Later he was talked to move which he obliged. He was however called back onto the podium by one of the High Grade Family guys to come and ‘party’ with Samini.

There was a trick to how to get on stage and ‘chill’ with your favourite artists. Climb on top when the security is engrossed in getting another fan off the stage. And this a young lady executed to perfection, on two occasions during a Wizkid performance. She slid in and embraced and danced a bit before she climbed down. You should have seen the effect of that ‘Wizkid Moment’ on her face.

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Then there was what could be described as a ‘plea’ by Wizkid when he abruptly stopped, in the middle of his song and commented ‘My guy abeg we be brothers. Make you no komot my shoes’, when a fan tried to unlace one of his shoes. One couldn’t help but laugh.

In all, it was an awesome night. The audience had a best time of their life. And Guinness Ghana has to be applauded for pulling a magnificent show for the teeming fans that went out to party hard.

By: Swaye Kidd – Follow him on Twitter via

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