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‘The Last Flight’ – An Ebo Whyte Play – PREVIEW

The Last FlightIf you are a regular patron of Uncle Ebo Whyte’s plays (and you really miss a great deal if you are not), you will have been accustomed to the loud uncontrolled laughter, usually interspersed with thunderous claps that often threaten to bring down the roof of the National Theatre in Accra, venue for the plays in the capital.

Now the man behind such hilarious plays as, Unhappy Wives, Confused Husbands, Every One Has a Secret, Don’t mess with a woman, Sins of the fathers, and many more, says his latest play, The Last Flight tops the chart as his most hilarious play yet.

The renowned playwright and his Roverman Productions, unarguably the most successful theatre production company in the country, have, since 2008, produced an internationally standardized, humour-packed, lesson-filled, family-oriented play every quarter of the year.

The Last Flight is the last quarter play for this year and in keeping with the tradition of highlighting the society’s ills in an exceptionally creative and humourous fashion, the play emphasizes the necessity and absolute importance of taking advantage of available opportunities because they may just be the last opportunity you have.

Employing the drama of a drowning man missing the only available spot on the only lifeboat on the high seas, Uncle Ebo dramatically and delicately weaves into The Last Flight, the fading opportunities available to individuals, couples, business managers, the nation and the African continent as a whole.

The setting of The Last Flight, the Kumasi Airport, is itself unconventional, but that is necessary to convey the message dramatically.

What is the message? “In addition to our usual focus on relationships, we are exploring other aspects of our national lives and some of the choices we make and where our priorities lie.

The question is, is this opportunity we have to build a democratic Ghana our last chance? And what are we doing with it? Can we afford not to take ourselves seriously when other nations are making such strides and moving forward?

For Ghana and for the whole world, this may well be our last flight. And for individuals, this may well be our last flight because how many times will we squander opportunities before we realize that it is time to take ourselves seriously. So that is the Last Flight,” and that is Uncle Ebo Whyte himself.

But don’t be mistaken; the play is not about NPP, NDC, PPP, GYEEDA, Subah, SADA or Vikileaks; it is still about relationships and about opportunities but with the twists and turns that Ebo Whyte plays are noted for.

He said the play is filled with so much drama and humour that the cast had to be especially prepped up not to be distracted by the expected loud, long laughter and clapping. Hear the man himself, “Within two minutes into the play people will start laughing and they will not stop laughing till we finish.”

So don’t wait to get the last ticket or the last seat at the National Theatre, you may just miss it!

Buy a ticket at GHS50 Shell shops at Airport, Community 11, Achimota and Sakaman; JOY FM; Baatsona Total; Frankies, OSU; or Jane-Ann Supermarket.

Even more convenient, you can make an online purchase or reload your electronic ticket atRoverman Productions’ website. This gives you a 10% discount.

The show comes off at the National Theatre on November 30 and December 1, at 4pm and 8pm each day.

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