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The House Of Lux #igniteTheSparkGH

Over the past few weeks, we have been taken on a journey to discover beauty, fragrance and the spark.

We have dispelled notions that beauty was unattainable, reinforced the idea that beauty is from within but projects outward in our appearance and we have been informed of the power of fragrance in giving us that LUXuriating experience that ignites the spark in us.

At the center of this LUXuriating experience is the belief that every woman is beautiful hence the concept of the LUX woman. The Lux woman knows herself, and she appreciates, accepts and loves her feminity.

She is unstoppable, she is confident and never lets anyone or anything keep her down and most importantly she has the spark, that internal glow that can only be as a result of a LUXuriating Bath experience with LUX.

All the desires, wishes and aspirations of LUX women all around the world have been carefully packaged into a fragrance soap that gives that million dollar feeling that makes you feel you can conquer the world. That’s the power of the New Lux.

Join Lux as we embark on the final part of this Beauty and Fragrance journey in a LUXurious celebration of beauty, fragrance, passion, glitz, glamour and style.

The final part of this amazing Beauty journey awaits you at the House of Lux Event coming off this Friday at Movenpick. A RED CARPET event, with Gowns and Black tie as the dress code, it promises to be a night of High Fashion, Glitz, Glamour and Beautiful people, where the New Lux will be unveiled.

It is by invitation only and you can win an exclusive VIP invitation by joining the ongoing Beauty Conversation at, @luxghana on twitter and Instagram, #igniteTheSparkGH.

Make a date with us next week as we find out who attended, who wore what and also what’s so special about the NEW LUX!

The Lux Beauty Journey has just started, remember to keep the beauty conversation going on social media, in your WhatsApp chat groups, at a hang out with the girls and remember to always Ignite the Spark, with just a little LUX.The House Of Lux

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