The Great Idikoko in trouble?

Augustine Abbey, alia The Great Idikoko

Augustine Abbey, alia The Great Idikoko

Even though they couldn’t hold their elections last year as stipulated, indications are that Film Producers Association of Ghana will have its elections at the end of March.

Socrates Safo, the Public Relations Officer of FIPAG who has declared he is not contesting for any position this time round said things are not going well for the current administration and when he tried to assist to correct things, some executives of the association would object to it and rather use veto power to do things.

Already some people have declared their intentions to contest Idikoko for the position of president. One of such people is Mustapha Adams, the producer of the popular hit film titled Azonto Ghost and President of the Film Distributors Association of Ghana.

Another person who wants to take the seat of the president of FIPAG is Mr. Asare Hackman, CEO of Hacky Films. He thinks Idikoko is not helping the group. “There is no transparency and accountability. Since Idikoko was elected, there hasn’t been any account rendering to the members, the association is being run like a one man business. For the film industry to move forward there should be proper policies. Sometimes I don’t like comparing MUSIGA to the film association but the fact is that, they have moved forward and always active with lots of international affiliates,” he lamented.

In an interview with Idikoko, President of FIPAG, he said he has not decided whether to contest or not and will come out in due time. However, he begged to differ from those who thought he had not performed and are vying for his position.

“With the two candidates you have just mentioned, one is a president of film producers Association of Ghana and one is a chairman of the film distributors Association, and the heart of the film industry where the film industry generates money is the film distributors Association, so if the industry is collapsing like they are saying then it will be better for us to blame them because the industry can’t generate money from the film producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG)”, Idikoko noted.

He added that the association does not depend on one person, it`s a team and they have done a lot to attract many members to the point that executives are now coming forward for positions, so he believes it`s all good for the industry.

He said that FIPAG is attractive now; members have benefited a lot, and don’t forget anyone who gets any position now will be expected to do more

Source: omgghana

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