The Challenge 6: Tyygas’ Theophilus Tackie Kommie and Gladys Ofori evicted

As it is custom with the challenge, The Challengers battle it out weekly in a series of tasks that is aimed at putting their intelligence and wit to the test.

Having been grouped into teams of M2ROK, Archers and Tyyga. Their task this week, a sales task, as simple. Sell 50 plain white T-shirts on the streets of the Accra.

This task was designed to test the sales, marketing and communication skills of the challengers. To ensure that the challengers were fully equipped to execute the task at hand, they received sales and marketing tips from Mr. Samuel Denkyi Boateng, Sales and Marketing Manager for Vitamilk.

What sets the challenge apart from the other reality show is that it’s a purely intellectual affair, and a battle of brains and ideas.

In a bid to come up tops and obtain immunity from eviction, the three teams set out to execute their tasks. Each team had a carefully written strategic plan on how to sell their 50 plain white T-shirts.

Some added value to the shirts by adding a touch of African print and others designed them with catchy inscriptions. After they were put to the test, M2ROK made up of (Mary, Maame (Victoria), Richard, Okoe and Kwame) emerged winners of the sales task.

Tyygas’ Gladys Ofori and Theophilus Tackie Kommie

Tyygas’ Gladys Ofori and Theophilus Tackie Kommie

M2ROK were determined from the onset, they had a carefully and well detailed strategic plan to execute the task. Their aims were simple outsell the other two groups, attain the highest profit and to sell the products in less than three hours.

To achieve this, the added value to the shirts by designing the t-shirts to contain a trending design, an Ebola awareness design and inspirational smileys. And boy were there determined to win the task, they went selling in their uniform outfit, ringing a bell, speaking into a megaphone and displaying their t-shirts on colourful hangers.

Certainly no surprises that they came out tops after the task.

One team winning the task meant that the other two teams were likely to face eviction. After deliberations by the esteemed panel of judges, two members of the Tyyga Team were evicted.

Theophilus Tackie Kommie, the “people centered” and emotionally intelligent graduate in Psychology with Sociology from the University of Ghana and Gladys Ofori, the lady with the ambition of being remembered for contributing to a change in the education system were axed out of the competition.

The competition is getting keener and keener so in order to keep your favorite contestant in the running, text their name to 1757 on Tigo.

The Challenge Season 6 is a British Council Ghana initiative produced by GHOne TV with support from the Robert Gordon University, the University of Northumbria, the University of Salford, Vitamilk, the Universal Merchant Bank and proudly sponsored by TIGO.

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