The beauty of Okyeame Kwame’s Woara Video plus lyrics

Okyeame Kwame

Okyeame Kwame

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,” says Thomas Merton. Isn’t it ironic that something that helps you find yourself makes you lose it? This statement can be compared to love. It can make you do everything.

Well, on his twitter profile, he says he is “a servant of the Art”. That is Okyeame Kwame, the Ghanaian artiste popularly known to have combined three categories of arts on one stage in his 2012 versatile show. His woara video has been gaining a lot of love from fans whose emotions they do not deny it has been touched having watched the video. As some say it is affectionate others say it is very emotional.

The Versatile musician, Okyeame Kwame was interviewed to talk about the symbolisms in the video, and he said the following:


The video begins with the breaking of a vase. It is to symbolise breaking something valuable since vase is a piece of artwork considered to be valuable even looking at the way it is molded, decorated and polished. Breaking it also stands for the confusion in the relationship.


The separation on the bed where Raquel is moving away from Okyeame Kwame means they are still together but the relationship is very gloomy that they can’t stand each other. The singing starts with both lovers walking away from each other in an opposite direction indicating separation in their relationship.


The part where the couple is arguing is an actual silhouette. Behind them, the light is creating an illusion of love which means they are standing in front of love and arguing.


The breaking of the glass of water is where I say in the audio that ‘ you said even if there was happiness even at the end of the sea, you were going to swim to get it, so what how come now it’s only raining and you are roaming searching for an umbrella’. The video trivializes the rain more by just capturing it in a glass. If you watch closely you can see that the ”nsuo” (water) falls exactly when I said it, meaning ‘ you said you were going to swim to the end of the sea to bring me happiness, but it’s only a glass of water that is broken; why then are you looking for an umbrella? That is disappointment.


They are walking away and everything they are seeing are signals. The signals are describing what the couple is going through (that is what is written on the front page of Graphic holding the man), and how they used to be (the young couple celebrating love).


When it gets to ‘ Agyamu Kraa wo ne mia’ it means you promised that you were even going to burn with me but this is just the sun and you are roaming searching for an umbrella. So our photo is being burned to remind her of that statement. Another metaphoric element we have here is that when people get angry in love they tear up pictures and they burn them. They forget that whiles they are burning the picture they ”burning themselves too”. So whiles you are creating confusion you do not have peace too.


Around this part too, a seemingly older couple who are extremely happy is seen but the lady passes by. It is just one question, how could they have been together to this point?


In front of the graphic is BETRAYAL. That’s what the whole song is about. It was included to tell the viewers that that is why the couple is in that state of confusion. “Wo de no dada dada saah na wo adaadaa me” the chorus means you have betrayed me.
‘Sweetie sweetie nti na mee su yi also means betrayal. ‘ Baby baby wo afa me aborfra bi’ also betrayal. The whole song in short is about betrayal. And since the newspaper is a symbol of knowledge this is the part where we decided to explain the music through the video using the newspaper.


He walks pass a signal that says FORGIVE, but he doesn’t even look at it. Forgive because it restores hope.


In this segment, a photo of Okyeame and Raquel happy in a beautiful frame drops to sink with the crash in the music. It is communicating something that it is the beginning of more confusion.


A woman’s wedding day is the most important day in her life. That day she looks the most beautiful and brings all her friends and relatives around to come and have fun but here you can see that she is alone. She is dressed in her wedding dress to remind herself of the love that they were supposed to enjoy. But because of confusion she has smudged her makeup with tears; she is destroying her wedding dress, throwing her chain away, her ring and everything away because she is tired. She is reminding herself of what could have been but never was.


The doll symbolizes valentine, love, so setting it on fire, refers to the heat in the relationship. Initially the beauty of the doll symbolized the beauty of love but when it was burnt love became unpleasant.


A man’s work is the most important thing to him. This is because he is the one who is supposed to feed the family. My character in this part of the video is a musician in the studio trashing the whole studio down. What we are trying to say is that if your relationship do not work at home, your work can also go wrong because they are linked to your happiness. The backward and the stable effects all represent confusion. At one point the whole studio is clean and at another point it is down means that I am thinking of whether to give up, and end everything or wait patiently in pain. That is why at the point where the place is in order I am sitting and talking to myself.

The last shot where Raquel and Kwame are sadly sitting back to back means there is trouble at home. Though they wish to be together, they cannot because whatever it is that is destroying them is very very strong. It is not something that they all wished for but they just can’t be together.


The video ends with the smashing of the frame to the ground such that the glass that is supposed to give it colour and beauty gets shattered. The glass stands for the beauty of love and it is shattered. However, behind the shattered glass Okyeame Kwame and Raquel are still together, meaning no matter how and what you do in life there is a loving bond between you and somebody, whether you are walking away or not.


3y3 woarawoarana wok a oo

Anigye3 da poakyi a wo b3 boroak)fa aba

Nansoafeiafei de3n na 3ba ye a

Nsuo k3k3 na 3b) o nawokyini p3 kyinie3

Woaraoowoarana wok a yo

3gyam koraawo ne me ara

Wo ne me arana 3k) oo

Nansoafeiafei de3n na 3ba y3aa

3wia k3k3 na 3reb) oo

Na wo re kyini p3 kyinie33


Wo de no dada dadasaa

Na wadaada me oo

Entisweetysweetyntina masunti

Wo de no baby babysaanawoafa me ab)fra bi

Nti s3 me te honey a me nim s3 wowa as3m

2nd Chorus

Wo de no mama mamasaa

Nsowoama me oo

2nd Verse

You said that you will cross the sea with me

But even through my tears you drown

And you that you will bring the sun to me

Heat between the two of us

You melt down to the ground

Its you you broke my world into two

I had to put it back together but I don’t have a clue

Well its true you made me look just like a fool

I don’t know if its you and her or me and you


What is love?

Is it natures trick to ensure continuity?

What is love?

Is it a hidden trick that will build my insanity?

What is love?

Is it an actor’s skill that evokes little reality?

What is love?

Is it a sudden thrill which is not meant for eternity?

Hu ma ni so mame a wo de me hwene mu ay3 ab3n

Me gyinawo nky3n a wontumimfawo call nansoyi

Aber3 a wodaneanomaa no many3 womframa

Wodanentomtom a ankamaa mm) me ns3m da

Womogyanam me mu ntina me tewonka

Mmamu nuaanwumasumaanka me tee wonka

Good byes are not bye byes bad byes from bad guys with bad vibes so bye bye

Source: Edmund A. Sakyi

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