TedXAccra Speaker: Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde is a media entrepreneur, former senior education specialist and trained psychologist. She is passionate about using education as a tool to empower the youth to achieve their true potential whatever that may be.

She is currently the host of 3 TV shows in Ghana, the Friday night live show, MTN Hitmaker and the EFGH show as well as a motivational speaker and inspirational writer of the popular Piece of Peace blog series. Peace believes the only difference between people who make a difference and people who do not is simply a Choice. She aims to encourage all young people to choose each day to be more, work tirelessly and persistently to create the change that they want to see in the world. Peace spends her spare time working with government and international schools helping them to improve the standard of teaching and learning by bringing their institutions in line with current international teaching standards through the use if digital learning tools.

Why you should listen to her talk:

I am passionate about the future of our continent. I believe Africa has the tools to be the transformation we want to see. The key to unlocking that potential lies with the youth. Each day thousands of ideas are dreamt up by young people all looking for the right tools and connections to make a difference. The only thing standing in their way is the resource to take what is in their beautiful minds and transform them into tangible, rewarding businesses that help our economy. Given my past experience as a former education specialist in the UK where I rose to the level of senior management after teaching chemistry, physics and biology to pre university students for 7 years, I believe my talk will reach and encourage young people to take the bold step of unlocking their true potential and making a difference.

Peace’s favourite quote: Be yourself, because everyone else is taken

Peace Hyde

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