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TEDxAccra introduces StoryCorps Challenge for 2016

The organizers of TEDxAccra yesterday launched their innovation challenge for their main event in 2016. Speaking at the event, the Curator, Mr. Emmanuel Leslie Addae noted that ‘we’re excited to introduce TEDxAccra 2016 to Dave Isay and his 2015 TED Prize winning project,!

Building on our TEDxAccra 2016 theme of ‘Re-Think’, we are asking you both locals and Ghanaians in diaspora to investigate into our priorities as a country by using the StoryCorps app to interview your friends and loved ones.

By sharing these stories with the TEDxAccra community, you are helping us spark a national movement to record and preserve meaningful conversations with one another that results in an ever-growing digital archive of the collective wisdom of humanity.

Remember, everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear, he said.storycorps how to

Get involved 

Follow these steps to participate in the TEDxAccra StoryCorps Challenge:

Download the StoryCorps app for your Android or iPhone.

Follow the instructions in the app to make an interview. For this TEDxAccra StoryCorps Challenge, we recommend the following:

  1. Name your interview file “Rethink:” followed by the names of yourself and your interviewee (for example: “Rethink: Emmanuel Leslie Addae and Daniel Antwi”)
  2. Try to keep your interview around approximately 15 minutes long or less
  3. When you are ready for your interview, use these questions:
  4. First Introduce yourself and the interviewee and state the date of the interview
  5. Give at least 1minute background of the interview, then you start your interview


  1. What job do you currently hold and what jobs have you held in the past?
  2. There are trending issues that affect everyone in this country, and these issues are at heart with us, being it education, agriculture, governance, health, entertainment, social activities, beliefs etc. If you rethink about these categories, which of these has significantly affected you negatively?
  3. End your interview with this TEDxAccra StoryCorps Challenge question: “If you become the president in 2016, how are you going to resolve the situation?”

When you are done, don’t forget to tag your interview with the keyword “TEDxAccra” so we can share it on our website and potentially at TEDxAccra 2016!

After you’re done you can check out your interview online at, and you can search other TEDxAccra interviews with the search tag “TEDxAccra”!

Please post your interviews by March 6, 2016.  1

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