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Technology reaches Churches. Is it a sign of the end time?

Gone were the days when written records were made available on stone slabs known as “tablets”. An early reference was the Ten Commandments given to Moses. Just sometime after this period scrolls and pens obtained from the Papyrus reed become writing tools. Later on, bibles became printed. Currently, bibles are now read from mobile phones, palmbooks and laptops.

With most exuberant youths and some members of the clergy, the use of these devices should not be over emphasized, since it provides same biblical information. They say, these devices especially Mobile phones and palm books are very portable as compared to the hefty bible books. 

The devices also have different bible versions from which the reader can choose. Intensive bible reading plan is also provided, to make the biblical studies easier. Another perception claim that carrying these devices to church may hide one’s religion. Some who do not want to be spotted with the bible going to church due to some reasons known to them only also do support the use of these devices in the church.


Meanwhile, others attribute the use of these devices in the church’s auditorium to as a devilish initiation. They believe that it’s one of the dirty tricks of the devil to take away the minds of the pews from the sermon being delivered. It is argued that holders of these devices purposely bring it to church to flout their wealth. One may also be tempted to toggle from one application to the other browsing social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. Multimedia function would also compel them to take pictures, videos or even listen to music while preaching is in session.

There is also a school of thought which believes that the manufacturers of these devices have connections with the underworld. Why am I saying this? Manufacturers of these devices seek assistance from underworld forces in order to make these mult-functional devices.

Furthermore, some spiritual possessions are passed on to us when we study from it. This satanic instrument tends to obstruct us from assimilating the word of God, hence causing confusion in the mind.

I’m not taking any side in this situation but wish would have persons who could whether the uses of these instruments are negative or vice versa.

By Felix Acquaye

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