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Taxis & Trokis Chronicles

“An urban and city life experience…”


Across the globe today, Taxi’s have become a phenomenal tool of transportation that supports fast, safe and efficient movement of individuals from one location to a required destination of choice as compared to public transport buses and lorries popularly known in Ghana as “Troskis”.

In the United States of America, Taxis are yellow in colour apart from “UBER” which also provides same services as the Taxis.  Mostly referred to as “Yellow Cabs”, they can be found everywhere in the cities across the globe.

In Nigeria, both Taxis and Troskis are Yellow in colour.

The trend is however different in Ghana, Taxi’s come in various colours but there’s still a touch of yellow that helps potential passengers identify them easily.

Another thing to take note of is the number plates of both Taxis and Troskis are yellow in colour with bold black inscriptions.

The Taxis could carry on board at most 5 persons, made up 4 passengers and a driver, but with Troskis they come in different sizes and have different passenger intake capacities, the least you find in the cities of Ghana is a 12-passenger.


Arguably, the service delivery of Taxis on the average can be said to be quite reliable and appreciable than Troskis that could take forever to get to a particular destination.

The conditions are that, it is either one is hiring the taxi to a particular destination or getting to a transport station where these cabs are loading to specific areas within the city.

With a hired Taxi, you pay more per the bargain and charge agreed upon, but with the Troskis there’s a fixed fare and it is public knowledge there are no bargains and all reductions are per the Driver’s discretion.

Troskis stop to pick every passenger they find along the way, and don’t care whether it takes them hours to get to the required destination; their first priority is getting the vehicle full to capacity.

So, when you’re running late for; a date with that special person, business meeting or important job interview, a troski though quite economical shouldn’t be an option for you.

You’ll end up cursing your stars for the disappointment caused by a nice Troski. The experience would be very devastating. Parental Guidance(PG) advised.

A hired Taxi or UBER could do you some very good service per the occasion at hand.

To be continued…

By Listowell Acquaye ǀ

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