Tattoos on my body should not make me a bad girl – Itz Tiffany

Female rapper Itz Tiffany has said that having tattoos on her body should not make her a bad girl. She spoke with Graphic Showbiz.

What makes some people think that Tiffany is a ‘bad’ girl? Could it  be the  tattoos she wears or her body-hugging clothes or having a child when she was just 20 years old?  These are questions that musician Tiffany asks herself whenever anyone tags her as “bad”.

The 26-year old musician thinks people have a wrong perception about her. “Those who are not close to me have all sorts of thoughts about me. People who see my tattoos see me as a hardcore girl. Others also see me as a rude person but I don’t know why anyone should see me so”. Tiffany told Showbiz last Friday.

According to the Fake London Boy hit maker, she wishes that people come closer to her and get to know her well before passing judgment about her.

“You really cannot judge a book by its cover. I have a lot of tattoos on my body and that should not make me a bad girl. All the tattoos on my body represent something. For example, I have my son’s name written on my neck and the other tattoos on my body are things that mean a lot to me”.

“I am not saying I am a perfect person. I drink alcohol once in a while when I feel like but I don’t club and I don’t smoke. I am usually at home minding my own business and thinking of how best I can push my music” Tiffany disclosed.

According to her, she doesn’t really mind what people think about her but all she wishes is that people come closer to her and find out the real Tiffany.

She explained that “I am crazy on stage because that is what I do for a living, I may wear a short skirt or a skimpy top showing my tattoos but that is  not the real Tiffany you see on stage, I am a very different person outside”.

Talking about her six-year old son, Tiffany said she feels happy being a mother. She explained that most celebrities around her age would hide their kids from the public but she is never shy being a mother. As a mother, Tiffany said she has learnt so many things. “I am more responsible, I am home early to cook for my son, help with his homework and always there for him as a proud mother.”

Although she is not married, Tiffany said she is in a serious relationship with a lovely guy she met a few months ago.

Away from her personal life, Tiffany told Showbiz that though there are new crop of female rappers in Ghana she has never been afraid of competition.

Real name, Antoinette Tiffany Owusu, Tiffany who has worked with the likes of Castro, Yaw Siki, Fuse ODG, Efya, Stay Jay, Mugeez, Sarkodie and Jay So said the other female rappers are trying their best  but she is always on top of her game.

“From How We Do It, Facebook Boy, Fake London Boy, Last One, Agyekum, Whatever, It’s Tiffany and Neke Neke, all my songs have been accepted by Ghanaians which goes to testify that I am good” Tiffany said.

About what she is currently doing, Tiffany who just came back home after touring Niger and Burkina Faso with her hit songs said she just released her latest single Neke Neke and entreated everyone to listen to it.


Itz Tiffany

Itz Tiffany

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