Take it or leave it: Miss Ghana 2010, Stephanie Karikari says she’s not RUDE

Miss Ghana 2010 Stephanie KarikariContrary to comments that have been made in showbiz circles that  Miss Ghana 2010, Stephanie Karikari, has grown rather rude since her rise to fame, the 22-year-old Level 300 university student has debunked such claims saying that fame may have changed her, but the change has been for the better.

“I do not get it why people say that I have become rude. I hear such comments but the truth which people may have overlooked is that, I am no longer  who I was and certain things have to change. This is because if you become a public figure, your life is no longer all your own and you have to be careful in dealing with people but that doesn’t make me rude,” she told Showbiz last Monday.

According to the  former beauty queen, when you become a public figure, you cannot be who you were before you hit stardom. 

“As soon as you hit the limelight, you need to comport yourself in a certain way that match your brand and you need to be very careful about what you do and say especially when you are in public. 

“I just do not get why people mistake comporting one’s self for rudeness. I cannot open up to just anyone who comes my way. Even if I was not a beauty queen, I am a lady and I knew who I wanted to be in future so there are certain things I would not have done ordinarily, not to talk about being a beauty queen,” she said.

Explaining how she feels whenever she hears such comments, she said; “it baffles me because I love to smile and sometimes, I wish I could reply and explain things to people but I take solace in the fact that I know myself better than anyone and people who are really close to me can attest to that fact.

“I find myself in a box which is the fame box and the rules there are different so it hurts if people do not want to see things from that angle and so they chastise and call you names even when they do not know anything about you,” she said.

Stephanie Karikari shot to fame when she participated and won the 2010 edition of the Miss Ghana pageant after secondary school which automatically gave her the ticket to represent Ghana at the Miss World beauty pageant. 

She became the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Ambassador for Goldfields Ghana Limited to champion CRS projects particularly on Maternal Health and Sanitation which eventually became the project she worked on after winning the crown.

Stephanie’s hobbies include swimming, playing basketball, dancing and interacting with people. She loves animals and has a pet dog called Mars. 

She describes herself as generous and fun to be with and most importantly, she is determined and disciplined.

According to her, “To be wise and successful, you need to go through obstacles” has been her philosophy of life and she enjoys fashion designing, photography, reading, acting and making people laugh.

Culled from Graphic Showbiz


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