SUPREME COURT STYLE? Praye Tieta issues final warning to the public on negative comments on Facebook


Is Praye Tietia behaving like the Supreme Court? The rapper who is currently in a relationship with Selly, one of Ghana’s representatives to the on-going Big Brother Africa The Chase has issued a stern warning via his Facebook wall.

The rapper has been in the news lately for refusing to cater for his kids as well as allegedly bonking of his girlfriend in the biggest reality show on the Africa continent. He has come out publicly to say he’s not going to comment on the issue.

But it appears he has lost his cool because of negative comments people leave on his Facebook wall hence the warning. Unlike the Supreme Court, Praye would not jail you; instead he would block or delete you.

Check his warning below:

“This is the first and last time I will ever want to see anybody write or pass any dirty comments on or under any picture of mine, I’ve bn vry quiet all this while becuz of the love n respect I have for my fans but it seems some people wants to abuse that liberty, itz either I block n delete u or I restrict u properly frm my page. U are WARNED.”





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