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I support polygamy; most African men are polygamous – Nollywood actor Jibola Dabo

Jibola Dabo

Jibola Dabo

Nollywood actor Jibola Dabo, who has five children from different women has said in a recent interview with TheNetng that he is an ardent supporter of polygamy and believes that most men in Africa are polygamous in nature.

He said:

“People misunderstands what polygamy means. I am an ardent supporter of polygamy. Every single man, mostly from Africa, is polygamous in nature. We are just deceiving ourselves. Polygamy means when you see a woman you love and desire, you marry her with the consent of your already married wife and bring her home. It’s not when you have one wife at home, then you have others scattered in different other places, that is not polygamy. And not when you have three wives and you cannot take care of one, that is an insult to polygamy. There are so many women out there who just want to have a man as an umbrella, but we keep saying one man one woman. Yet the women keep suffering. We all know that we have much more women in this world than men, the ratio is too high.

My father had six wives, my uncle that brought me up had so many wives also. What I am saying is that it is not illegal, we are not in America. Ironically, the white man would have one wife and still keep so many mistresses. If not, there wouldn’t have been an English word for concubines. That means it exists in their culture. Which is better, concubines or wives? In the days when polygamy was well respected, diseases were not rampant. It is now that when men hide to do it that strange sexually transmitted diseases have become the order of the day” he said.

“I have only one wife but I have children from more than one woman. And its not because I had mistresses, its because I have lived in various countries, including America, France, Britain etc. I am this person that any woman that comes to me would always want to have something for me. I have had experiences. I was with a woman and years later, a child was brought to me, a child I didn’t know when it was conceived”. he added

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