Super O.D. sues Adom TV for falsely broadcasting his death


Super O.D.A RENOWNED Ghanaian entertainment personality, Asonaba Kwaku Darko aka Super O.D., has dragged Multimedia Broadcasting Company Limited to court, claiming GH¢2million as damages for falsely broadcasting that he was dead.

Super O.D., the plaintiff, in his writ said the news, which was aired on Adom TV, one of the channels of Multi-Media, had exposed him to public ridicule as he had been shunned and ostracised by the “generality of society as persons run helter-skelter upon encountering him, as they claimed to have seen his ghost”.

Following the said news, Super O.D. said he had suffered pecuniary loss as two comedy shows he had slated for Kumasi and Swedru were cancelled due to Adom TV’s public announcement of his ‘death’ which was false.

Also, the company’s unethical and unlawful conduct of announcing his death, according to the plaintiff, had caused him grave and severe socio-psychological trauma.

As part of the remedy he was seeking, the actor, per his writ filed on January 12, 2013, was praying an Accra Fast Track High Court to make an order directed at the company to render an unqualified public apology to him and also pay an amount of GH¢50,000 as legal cost of the suit. The defendant reportedly has been served a copy of the writ.

Super O.D., who is an actor and a comedian by profession and has achieved legendary status in the ever popular Akan drama TV series called ‘Obra’, narrated that sometime in December 2012, Adom TV, one of the television stations operated, managed and news-edited by Multimedia, without any just cause, maliciously and with all wicked intent, broadcasted to the whole world that Super O.D. was dead.

According to O.D., “As if that was not wicked and cruel enough, the company’s Adom TV, also added that he should ‘Rest In Peace’ as a head-line in the said news item on the said day. “

Nyira FM, one of the company’s radio stations, on February 26, 2013, repeated the news that O.D. was dead.

O.D. asserted that he was at all material times in good health, well and not dead as Multimedia had broadcasted and maliciously communicated to the whole world.

He added that till date, Multi-Media Company had not taken any reasonable steps to contact him to ascertain the veracity of the story.

Multimedia Company’s conduct, he said, “constitutes malicious falsehood because as a multi-media broadcaster with such a global appeal, the company ought to have cross-checked its story and be doubly certain of the veracity or otherwise of the said story before broadcasting it to the whole world”.

It was based on these reasons that he filed the writ with the said claims.

Multimedia Broadcasting Co. Ltd has a worldwide coverage through its media stations as Joy FM, Adom FM, Multi TV and Adom TV among others.

Source: Daily Guide

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