Styl-Plus hints of huge comeback

Nigeria’s popular R&B group Styl-Plus which was one of the hottest music groups in the early 2000s which made waves with the smash singles, ‘Runaway’ and ‘Olufunmi,’ are currently trying to make a comeback to the mainstream music scene.

The group went underground several years ago after one of the three who make up the group, Tunde Akinsanmi decided to embark on a solo career, leaving Shifi Omoefe and Zeal Onyecheme to their fates.

In a recent interview with Vanguard, Shifi blames their misfortunes on management issue, revealing, however, that the group is planning to stage a comeback in 2015.

“A lot of things happened. We had a fallout with our management twice. More so, one of us left the group. There has been a lot of repackaging so to say. Sometimes, our fans think the group is disbanded, while in actuality, the group is still in existence. Only one of us left the group. There was a period when everything was a bit edgy, but we have come together again.”

On why Tunde walked out of the group, he said: “He embarked on a solo career, which he’s currently pursuing. That’s what he wanted for himself. It’s not like we were married in a court of law. He felt, it was the direction he needed at that stage of his career. He’s getting on well and it will surprise you to see three of us come together again someday.”




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