Number One Requirement For Success In Life Is Self-Confidence Not Knowledge


A Senior Lecturer at the African University College of Communications, Mr Samuel Ato Afful, has encouraged the youth especially those in tertiary institutions to dare to challenge the status quo if they ever wish to make any difference in life.

According to Mr Afful, after years of research, he has come to the realization that, indeed it is not out of place to accept the notion that “the number one requirement for success in life is self confidence, not knowledge”.

Speaking to participants at a students and youth empowerment programme dubbed “The Essence of Stupidity”, organized by Unilime Foundation, a students’ charity and advocacy group; the Senior Lecturer who is also a Communications Specialist and a Life Coach strongly advised the youth to desist from the temptation to become like a specific “somebody”. To him, it is one of the fundamental flaws of what is taught by the many motivational speakers in the system.

“God created each and every one of us differently. Our environments teach us differently and impact on us differently. We all have diverse aspirations. So what made Mr A succeed in a certain jurisdiction, may not necessary produce the same results for Mr B, even if he did exactly what Mr A did. There is therefore the need to learn from others, especially the good practices. But to try to live like them is a no no no”, he advised.

Touching on the subject of “stupidity”, the Communications Specialist stated categorically that, stupidity (largely explained as the inability to reproduce knowledge or the lack of intelligence) is very opinionated and may not apply in every jurisdiction. He told the participants to always remember that “anybody who describes you as stupid, has indeed challenged you to be innovative and creative. Because you see, when they say one plus one is two, but your brain tells you it’s three, then it suggests that there is something different about how your brain functions. Now, that is a hint that, a certain invention or great idea must come from you with time”.

All the people of old who invented stuff from the electric bulb to car engine, to cooking oil to guns, shoes, etc, all embarked on a journey which sounded stupid according to the usual ways of doing things. At the end of the day, their stupidity paid off and they became the heroes and heroines we celebrate today.

Mr Ato Afful therefore charged the youth to feel happy and proud and very optimistic when they have business ideas and the people they look up to tell them such ideas are stupid and unrealistic.

He encouraged them to be reminded of the fact that, great inventions never come out of the comfort zones, hence the moment an idea or thought doesn’t make sense to anyone except the one who had it, then a great invention or innovation is about to be birth. What is required at that point will “self confidence” and not approval from whoever.

Samuel Ato Afful

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