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Studio D’Maxsi Fashion House celebrates 10th Anniversary

2016 is a huge year for Studio D’Maxsi as the notable fashion house owned by Ghanaian Fashion Designer Afua Sam celebrates its 10 years of existence and launches a new e-commerce site for the brand.

Based in DC and serving both local and global clients, Studio D’Maxsi’s success journey so far includes having her designs grace Hollywood’s Red Carpet, the Oscars, BET Honors, the Grammys, the Day Time Emmys, celebrity music videos and live concerts, TV and documentary appearances, styling various beauty queens, features at national & International fashion shows, multiple awards won, collaborations and much more.

Full of gratitude for how far she has come, Afua Sam reflects on how she took a leap of faith traveling from Ghana to America knowing no one on arrival and despite struggles and rejections, her talent and love for fashion withstood the odds and built the strong fashion brand we know as Studio D’Maxsi today.

As a single mother of two, Afua Sam has successfully pulled through balancing motherhood, health, personal struggles while pursuing her passion of fashion. Motivated by her personal story, Afua has over the years embraced social responsibility as a major part of her brand, significantly contributing her talent to support various charity events and causes.

Studio D’Maxsi has contributed immensely in developing businesses, personality brands and charity organizations by supporting fundraisers and donating her designs to charities like ‘Fashion For A Cause’, ‘Pink for Africa’, ‘Tigerlily Foundation’, American Breast Cancer Foundation’, ‘Fashion Fights Poverty’ and ‘Steps For The Cure’ ; to name a few. Giving back remains an important part of the vision of the brand.

Afua says “My lesson in this journey is that there is more to life than fame and money, it is more about the impact you make on people, the joy you bring to people, the door you open for others. We always have someone pave a way for us and if what I have done has paved a way for another,

I am happy. Whatever you want in life is achievable, as long as you keep your focus in the right direction, and put God first, you will make it. My message through my fashion brand is – every woman can dare to be bold and confident but still very chic and sexy. My pieces are made for all women, no matter the size, shape, or height. I want to inspire a sense of confidence to every woman who decides to wear a piece that I create for them”.

In the month of June, to celebrate Studio D’Maxsi’s ten year anniversary, there will be a giveaway of specially designed fashion items custom made by Studio D’Maxsi.


More details will be announced on all the social media pages and on the website. The new and improved website will still be hosted at in June, 2016 and it will feature an e-commerce shopping platform for fashion lovers to shop exclusive Studio D’Maxsi designs and accessories that are for the everyday woman.

Afua Sam is thankful for family, a great team of Photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, models, fashion show producers, nonprofit organizations, the media, fans, PR clients and everyone who believed in the brand over the years.







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