Stop writing senseless lyrics – Ghanaian artistes warned!

There is never a day that I don’t find time to listen to a wide range of songs on radio, television or on the internet.

I am a great lover of good songs, no wonder I respect musicians who churn out good songs.

For me, a good song isn’t any song that is pleasant to the ears but the kind of songs that is sensible.

There are however some songs that make me yell out in anger and make me yearn for an opportunity to silence musicians who waste precious time to churn out such ”nonsense” songs.

Critical listening of songs like ”faithful” and ” woara” from Okyeame Kwame makes me excited. These are songs that do not just have lyrics. They are songs that speak about relevant issues in the society.

No wonder, Okyeame Kwame keeps winning the Songwriter of the Year award. Songs from OJ also come to mind.

”May3 S3 Mo P3n” is a classic example of a song that is very useful and sensible unlike the trash that some hiplife artistes churn out. Sorry for my choice of words but I can’t help it.

Artistes of today only find solace in putting words together and do not care whether  they make sense or not. All that is important to them is to have their lyrics rhyming with a good instrumental. This then gives them the audacity and morale right to ”spit” out garbage at the recording studio.

It’s an undeniable fact that music is meant to inform, educate and entertain. However, some of our artistes are unable to inform and educate but in their quest to entertain people, rather mess up with stupid lyrics. Take time to listen to some songs and you would clearly understand me.

Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese

Do you know of Criss Waddle? Have you heard of the ”ayi” track? If not, what about the song which has the popular ”yi fri mu”phrase in it? Many people enjoy this song. I used to enjoy it but after listening to the lyrics, I got angry. I have no intention of exaggerating but I sincerely believe Criss Waddle undermines the intelligence of the Ghanaian. I say this because, in just one statement, Criss Waddle admitted that even though he had not said anything meaningful in the song, he knew the song would be a hit. Isn’t that supposed to mean that Ghanaians for that matter are not intelligent enough and would therefore embrace any ”trashy’ ‘song?

Our artistes need to sit up and do better songs. Without fear or favour. I speak my mind. Kwaw Kese is another artiste who virtually speaks about nothing important in most of his songs if not all.  All that he does is to get rhyming lyrics which do not really make sense. ”I will wash you like omo”. Does this statement really make sense? How can you wash someone like omo? In the first place, is omo washed? Why not say, ”I will wash you with omo”? Probably 4×4 would be the best people to explain.

Of late, I have been watching a new music video from Okuraseni Samuel featuring Kesse, Appietus and another artiste whose I wouldn’t want to recollect. This useless song talks about ”hair.

“Listening critically to the song, you would realize that the song is a piece of garbage. In fact, it’s a disguised profane song. My only disappointment is the fact that a family man like Appietus added his voice to the song. Is it not embarrassing?

Our hiplife artistes are not alone in this mess. What do some of our Gospel artistes have in mind when they proclaim that Jesus Christ is their boyfriend? Have they ever found time to find out who a boyfriend is? Is it a case of ignorance, lack of knowledge and understanding of the Word of God or is it just carnality at work?

For those who do not know, a man or boy that somebody has a romantic or sexual relationship with is what we call a boyfriend. Our female Gospel artistes should know better.

Why aren’t most of our artistes educating or informing the populace on very important social issues but are only doing ”entertaining” songs. Unfortunately, most of the so-called ”entertaining” songs are useless. At the right time, I would speak about songs with sexual connotations and trust me, without fear or favour. I would mention names. For now, I won’t say anything more. I rest my case.


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