Stella Damasus champions cause against tobacco smoking

Health of citizenry in any society is of paramount importance, so any effort at promoting it is always encouraged.

Tobacco smoking is a menace that society has grappled with for decades now, and even though some progress has been made, the ill effects and amount of havoc it causes to people is still astonishing.

To help amplify sensitization efforts at highlighting the dangers associated with it, Nollywood’s finest diva Stella Damasus has signed up as Tobacco Control Celebrity Cause Champions. This development is part of implementing a social media-driven campaign on Tobacco Control.

The policy change and public health campaign project (Tobaccoctrl) is aimed at sensitizing and informing the general public on Tobacco Control issues with the ultimate goal of advocating for the use of domestic laws to stringently regulate the use, distribution and promotion of tobacco products.

Stella Damasus champions cause against tobacco smoking

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