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Staying Top of Mind In Ghana’s Fast Growing Fashion Industry

Have you wondered what the Christie Brown’s, Joyce Ababio’s, Nallem Clothings of our time have in common? Ask any random person on the street about fashion brands making waves in Ghana and beyond and very few names will run through peoples mind.

Over time, it’s the same names and brands that have dominated the industry. Each year new and emerging fashion brands are known, heard and seen but many of them are unable to live up to expectations due to several factors thus disappear into thin air within a short while.

Its no doubt the fashion industry in Ghana has become a vibrant one with many young ones starting their own fashion line be it for the passion or for the fun of it.

But the concern is how do you start your fashion business and sustain it as well as stay relevant and be top of mind in this mass fashion world.

The business of fashion is a big world and can be very hard to control. You need to step up your game to be able to gain the much needed attention and be the preferred brand choice by stylists, celebrities, editors, buyers and clients etc.

Here are 4 helpful tips to guide your fashion business and keep you top of mind.

Always have something new to offer

To stay top pf mind means you ought to always come up with new and innovative designs to dazzle your clients and fashion enthusiasts. Being an established designer does not end there. You will be forgotten if you don’t introduce new trends, looks for people to see.

You need to constantly launch new collections or pieces that will grab the attention of many and also make your brand’s presence felt through fashion events, trade shows etc. Once you do, your brand gains visibility which will lead to endorsements, collaborations and promotions on several platforms.

Be dynamic (Change with trends)

Fashion thrives on trends. Fashion is dynamic. It’s an ever changing world. You should not be too comfortable with your world and your sense of style. Make it a point to learn from others and adapt to other new trends. Collaborate with other industry professionals to improve on your skills and networks.

Be Socially and Ethically Fashionable

Fashion does not operate in a vacuum. Considering how important clothing is to the society at large, a fashion designer will remain important to the society if he or she is committed to making sustainable products that impacts social lives, improves the environment and supports the communities they operate in. Position yourself as a go to resource person within your community and industry.

Be ready for Business

Even if you started your fashion label as a result of your passion for dresses, shoes, bags, accessories or your love for all things fashion, the intricacies and competitive nature of the industry could force you out if you don’t see it as a business.

As I mentioned earlier, the business of fashion is a big world and you have to first know your product and what vacuum it fills  in order to stand out among others and continue being in business. First, create a fashion brand identity to set you apart from a million others and then sturdily and progressively make your way through to the top.


Illustration Credit: Peniel Enchill

By Faith Senam Ocloo

The writer is the founder of E’April Public Relations, a boutique PR firm. Senam is a fashion public relations specialist with interest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She can be reached on +233272686959,, @senamapril on Instagram and @faithsenam on Twitter.

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