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STATEMENT: No more discussion about MUSIGA – MUDAG

The National Executives of the Musicians and Dancers Association of Ghana (MUDAG) is by this Press Statement informing the general public and the media that, henceforth we have decided to desist from any discussion concerning MUSIGA.

Moreover, any issue concerning MUDAG should be referred to the Press Secretary of the association for further clarification or response. This resolution was made by MUDAG Executives in consultation with its members.

We believe strongly that, the Musicians and Dancers Association has its own important aims and objectives geared towards the development of Musicians and Dancers in the country and however that is what is needed to be promoted rather than engaging in detractive matters of MUSIGA. Although we are aware of some rented press who always work towards defaming MUDAG, we will never lose focus on achieving our set goals and targets.

Most importantly, we would like the media to let all understand that, Ghana’s constitution provides freedom of association for all and there is no need to raise unfounded allegations against members of other unions or associations.

We therefore entreat all to be circumspect when addressing issues about MUDAG and make sure that it is positive and promotes the objectives and the pillars upon which this association was founded and should realize that the show goes on in the arts struggle.

Kindly receive this Press statement with urgency.

Thank you for your attention and correspondence.


Yours in the media

Oti-Faaben Kakra

Press Secretary –MUDAG

Mobile: 0244-936-939

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