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Statement From Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) Network

The Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) group’s attention has been drawn to a series of publications on various media, subjecting our operations and staff to public condescension.

In distancing our organizations from these reports, we want to state categorically that as an independently run legitimate business entity that does not benefit or rely on any subventions or outside funding, our operations are anchored on sound business practices.

We operate commercially to remain competitive and retain value for shareholders but most importantly to also deliver on the public service expectations of our stakeholders.

Our corporate decisions are as dynamic as the forces that control our market and thus reflect several process steps that are strongly associated with good operational and financial outcomes.

Every action or inaction in line of management work in the course of normal business that may be specific to capital or human-resources decision are all rigorously reviewed periodically at the highest level of our hierarchy and represent  the will and direction of the business’ leadership.Starr FM_opt


As our name suggest, Excellence In Broadcasting -EIB, our overarching drive for excellence in the media market give us the compelling approach to thinking about what types of innovation and decisions will be required in order to get us in a position where we can be driving growth sustainably.

This is the driving force of what we do as a family of thriving media brands in Ghana. We remain very focused and resolute on delivering the best per our brand promise!


Management of EIB group

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