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Stacy, Mzbel Clash Over Jesus

Whatever friendship there was between musician Mzbel, and TV talkshow hostess, Stacy Amoateng, must be dead now.

The two have been hurling insults at each other on radio and on social media following a recent interview Mzbel granted Stacy during which Mzbel revealed that she did not believe in Jesus Christ.

What Mzbel thought was her freedom to express her belief has attracted heavy bashing from some Jesus followers through SMS, tweets, and phone calls. “Some people went as far as to say that I’m anti-Christ, a witch, and that God will punish me”, Mzbel told Showbiz last week.

In an attempt to vindicate herself from the public attacks  Mzbel told Showbiz that she should not be blamed for her conviction but rather if people had a problem with what she said,  they should blame the host of the show, Stacy.

She argued that, even though Stacy, who she described as a close friend knew her religious belief, she deliberately asked her the question and refused to edit that bit even when she had requested for that just to draw attention for her show.

But Okyeame Quophi, Stacy’s husband and director of the show, has jumped to the defence of her wife by accusing Mzbel of creating an unnecessary controversy as a way of creating publicity for her new single.

Speaking on Channel R’s 205 programme last Friday, Okyeame Quophi revealed that his production crew never called the Legelege singer but it was rather the latter who called Stacy and made the request to be featured on her show.

“As the director, I monitor the conversations and write follow-up questions. When a person says she believes in the Old Testament but not the New Testament, the next question that any normal human being would therefore ask is: ‘Do you believe in Jesus Christ?’ and that was what happened,” he stated.

Rubbishing claims by Mzbel that he asked for that bit of the interview to be edited before airing, Okyeame Quophi said it was Mzbel’s manager, Nana Yaw Wiredu, who made the request, one that was vehemently objected to by Mzbel who told the production crew to ignore her manager.

But in a rebuttal, Mzbel has called the couple  liars and likened their lifestyles to the biblical story of Ananias and his wife, Sapphira. She debunked the assertion that she called to be on the show.

In a video she recorded which has gone viral on social media, Mzbel warned Stacy and her husband to be wary of their deeds.  She cursed,  “Your end results will be like that of Ananias and Sapphira”.

Meanwhile, Stacy seemed not to be bothered by the threats and curses rained on them by the singer. In a post on her Instagram page last Saturday, Stacy asked Mzbel to take responsibility for her actions.

She said, “Since childhood, I’ve learnt to take responsibility for my actions, thoughts and speech. Before I speak, I think through it in my mind and soul. When you don’t do this and your responsibility lands you in trouble, you don’t blame anyone for your calculated irresponsibility…. I refuse to associate with people who can’t be responsible for their actions, because paying in kind is a total insult to my intelligence. Think before you act and think”.




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