Sony affirms commitment to Glo X Factor winner

Sony has affirmed it’s unflinching support for whoever wins the Glo X Factor music reality show. The affirmation came when the Director of African A & R at Sony Music Entertainment Africa, Spiro Damaskinos visited Nigeria.

He revealed that the company (S0ny) would put all its channels which had churned out international megastars such as Beyonce, Chris Brown, Britney Spears and Alicia Keys at the disposal of the winner to take him/her to the next level.

“Sony has extensive marketing roots including shows, radios, television, videos and so on, and we will help the winner tap into these channels and into our rich family and resources to become a successful international musician,” Damaskinos affirmed.

He expressed satisfaction with the talent on display on the show, saying they could compete effectively at the international level. ”I am very impressed. I have observed a wide range of talents and fantastic level of artistry and diversity, and I believe that as we get into the second and third editions, it will become even better,” he noted.

In addition to the huge cash prize and recording contract, the winner of the show is also on the way to becoming an international music star, Globacom said.

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Sony’s Spiro Damaskinos

Sony’s Spiro Damaskinos

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