Song and lyrics: Stonebwoy – No Sir

ya hear mi now Dakay!
The Hennessy nuh reach me
Pass me two bottle of guineas and Smirnoff and make me done them up
Cah me waan talk mind Pon dat one yah!!

Dem cyaan tell me nun NO SIR
Mi nuh go hear nun NO SIR
dem done up the benefit of the doubt,sir
We a go run out dem name dem from the roster
(Repeat 2x)

Sky larking sky larking
Dem nuh really know dem lacking
The real authentication to get the game walking
Barking barking toothless barking
Like a pussy with a gun start talking.
Mi nuh know so mi haffi ask a question
How come reggae dancehall nuh get attention
Dem treat it like an old man way reach him pension but a rip off of it to get dem motivation
KOD, Bola Ray unu know better
Dj black , reggie rock unu a d trend setter
I beg unu nuh sit down make the thing get bitter ca do music a we life and future

Repeat chorus
Dem a sit down and a sniff up dem cocaine a watch and the talented artists a burn out like match
Ohh nooo tell me now. Ohh noo oh noo
-mama dey a yaad a cry true no money nah run while him pikiney a artiste tell me what’s wrong
Ohh noo ohh nooo

Dem a idle and a watch the thing sweep down the carpet
But a mouth we a go use fi talk it and a no ratchet
Why dem nuh want fi see we buss like a rocket
Man a wonder why dem want we career fi kick the bucket
It’s like dem no have no instincts
Dem a play with we feeling check for instance
If you really innocent try be distinct
And no too long talking dat one yah succinct
If you dey with dem crew your song nah play
Bare foreign tune Pon the radio a play
Most of the Djays Have dem own a artiste
Same line a artiste Pon every big show list

(Repeat chorus) and bridge



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