Socrate Safo says no to Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA)

Controversial movie maker and one of the pioneers of the Ghana Movie Industry, Mr Socrate Safo has said that, he will not submit any of his movies to this year’s Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) 2013. He spoke with Flex Newspaper.

Issues about Ghana’s Movie Industry cannot be discussed without mention being made of Socrates Sarfo. He is one of the people who yearn to see Ghanaian movies go beyond the boundaries of Ghana. However, Socrate has never submitted his movies to AMAA; a movie award scheme instituted to award and to celebrate African movies and movie makers respectively.

Flex Newspaper therefore got in touch with Socrates to find out why he has never submitted his movies to such a deluxe movie awards. “They say my movies are not of quality standards (burst into laughter slap happily).” Getting serious; “why should I submit my movies to AMAA? Have they given the industry the respect we require?” Socrates asked rhetorically.

He continued: “I have attended lots of film awards and film festivals in Germany, Italy, Togo, and other places and can tell you on authority that the way they organize AMAA is not professional. They are just making money out of film makers sweat but fail to do things right. They started the award and planted one lady I don’t want to mention her name as their rep here (Ghana) without any formal caucus to the industrial stakeholders – FIPAG, Actors Guild, ASORG, etc.

How can you do an award involving the name Ghana and movies from Ghanaian film makers without involving the key institutions? If film makers don’t submit their movies, would they have an award? Their rep goes disgracing our industry. They take nominees and journalists to Nigeria every year and make them suffer needlessly! Rather unfortunately, our people are so….(not suitable for print) that every year, they go and face the same ordeal, yet when they come back, they are afraid to complain.

I confronted their boss three years ago and our own people chastised me simply because they want to be invited to high tables and be given accreditation year after year.” Would Socrates ever submit his movie (s) to AMAA Awards? This is what he said in conclusion. “I will not submit my movies to AMAA. I will only do so if they do the right thing, with the right arrangements, the right approach, and give the needed respect our movie industry deserves.”Live and let’s live. Until then…..MOTWUM!!

Socrates Sarfo

Socrates Sarfo

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